Papal tombs in St. Peter’s Basilica


We follow in the footsteps of the popes who were the leaders of the Church. “Once a pope dies, another is made” so it is said simplistically, but the funeral ritual that is triggered by the death of a pope is long and complex. Historical circumstances have sometimes created completely new ways for the extreme funeral to the Pontiff as well as for the preservation of his body which, strangely, sometimes has to undergo treatments that could seem completely disrespectful if not sacrilegious … On this occasion we will visit the church with the highest number of papal tombs which is obviously St. Peter’s Basilica, in search of stories bordering on gruesome that marked the end of the life of some popes.

Place: St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome, Italy
Date: Saturday, September 19, 2020
Start: 10:30
Price: 1,5 – 12 €

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Basilica di San Pietro, Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City, Vatikán


1.5 - 12 EUR

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