Aperitif in English


The linguistic aperitif in English is a way to refresh language. A way to meet and get to know people. Lanuvio, a small town in the Castelli Romani about 30 km from Rome, represents a continuous discovery for those unfamiliar with it. Its medieval village preserves within its walls, countless squares and panoramic points that reach up to Monte Circeo.

Participants, using the double language English / Italian, will have the opportunity to learn more about both the place, with its historical and landscape archaeological riches, and the group. After the guided tour, which will start from the medieval tower and will go back in time, reaching the acropolis with the temple of Juno Sospita, participants will be invited to the local aperitif. The wine of the Lanuvini Hills *, the “flower pizza” **, the beauty of the place, the conversation will make this break something to remember.

* Instead of the glass of wine it will be possible to choose an orange soda or a cola.
** The “flower pizza” is called this but it is not the classic stuffed pizza dough. It is a typical local recipe made with courgette flowers.

Reservations required until reaching the maximum number of people (max. 15), by sending an email to linea.obliqua.aps@gmail.com or calling the Linea Obliqua Aps Association number 3471629668.

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Difficulty: low; Accessibility: yes
12 € adults, 6 € children from 6 to 12 years

N.B. For anti-covid measures, participants will be asked to fill in a “Substitute Statement of Certification” and to wear the mask in the absence of spacing.

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Lanuvio, RM, Italia


6 - 12 EUR

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