Top things to do in PRAGUE in August!

01.08.2020 - 31.08.2020

Discover with us the best things to do in PRAGUE in August! Check out these awesome events happening this August in Prague!

🌻Summer picnic party🌻
On Saturday, August 8, there will be a SUMMER PICNIC PARTY on Karlínské square. What can you look forward to? Live music, sitting on the grass, summer drinks, grilled meats, and other delicacies from the grill. Come and enjoy the sunny summer in Karlín!
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🌻Pandaland – Happy House Jungle🌻
So kids! Saturday 8th of August. Write the date in your diary! We will have a good time together at the Džbán swimming pool! The theme and order sounded clear ….. It will be a cheerful, happy event. You can look forward to a well-trodden line-up with one extra surprise!!
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🌻Musical jam on the train🌻
Come to the music train in Prague and you won’t regret it. You can look forward to singing and jamming throughout the ride. Quality beer at Brno prices, and much more! So don’t hesitate, buy a ticket and come!! The train will run for the first time on July 8 at 7 pm and since then it will run every Wednesday until Judgment Day.
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🌻Anežka LIVE: Summer cinema – Havel🌻
The summer cinema presents a film by Slávko Horák. What would you sacrifice for truth and love? The feature film Havel brings the story of one of the most prominent figures in Czech history, Václav Havel, from his dissident times, when he was not yet a famous figure. “Don’t wait for a portrait of a statesman,” promises director Slávek Horák. The film focuses on Havel’s tumultuous personal life, which is dominated by the struggle for truth and the right thing, persecution, imprisonment, as well as love relationships, his own doubts, and humor. At the center of everything is an unusual and even stronger relationship with his wife Olga.
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🌻The Vibrant Nine🌻
Get to know different cultures within one day. The picturesque park called Podviní will become a place full of smells, tastes, colors, and rhythm during the festival The Vibrant Nine. Children can look forward to a rich accompanying program.
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Picnic baskets full of goodies, attractive program, great food and nice meetings – this is F.O.O.D. picnic, whose 10th edition will be held on the last Sunday in August. You can spend the whole day not only in the company of people from the F.O.O.D. magazine’s editorial office but also with other personalities from the field of Czech gastronomy.
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🌻Prague Drinks Wine🌻
Prague drinks wine is the biggest wine festival in the capital focusing on authentic wines from the Central Europe region. The seventh season of this event will take place in the Prague Market. Prague Drinks Wine festival continues the beautiful tradition of the Austro-Hungarian wine exhibitions attended by old monarchy winemakers of all regions.
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🌻Holiday Overdose🌻
After the challenging end of the main club season, Chapeau Rouge couldn’t miss the opportunity to re-organize the summer version of the Bass Overdose event, which boasts an interesting D’n’B selection and thematic focus. In the evening you will be guided by the resident duo Beast: season, composed of BEAST JANE & Four season, and their guest Infract, representing Headroom Drum & Bass. Come and enjoy it!
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🌻Rock for Churchill on trip🌻
Rock for Churchill on a trip. The beautiful natural area Lucerna Music Bar Open Air will be attended by Vypsaná fix, MYDY, Pipes and Pints, Fast Food Orchestra, Prague Conspiracy. And there will also be an afterparty hosted by one of our and your favorite DJs. Come and see for yourself!
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🌻Beer Pong Pool Party🌻
A unique combination of a big beer pong tournament, and luxury complex with a swimming pool and a party with three great DJs! Part of the entry fee and entrance fee will be donated to the charity Life for Children. Come and have fun!
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photo by: @praguestagirl

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