29.07.2020 - 02.08.2020

Best things to do in Vienna this weekend. The weekend is already here and you still don´t know what´s going on in Vienna? Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered. Discover the best events in Vienna right now.

🥳4th Meidling Kinderfest🥳
An event full of colour and laughter is back! Come to the Meidling KinderFestival and spend some time there with your littlest ones. Lots of fun games and stations have been prepared as well as a giant bouncy castle, carousel, and many other attractions. As for refreshments, plenty of organic ice cream flavours will be served.
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🏝️Sand in Simmering🏝️
An opportunity to relax and have a little breather awaits you at this event. VLS has prepared a spot for you to come and relax alone, or with your friends and family. Good atmosphere, beach vibes and a great selection of drinks will be there waiting for you.
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👕2nd Jersey Market👕
All enthusiasts of the sport, this is certainly the right event for you. Come to the 2nd Jersey Market at fluc + fluc and have a look at the best basketball, baseball, hockey, and American football jerseys you can find. All of them at a great price.
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🎨Creative Afternoon🎨
Kinderfreunde Donaustadt has once again prepared an event for all kids to come to and have fun while creating something with their own hands. Take your kiddos and come to their event this Friday and let them socialize with other kids their age while learning some new skills in a creative and entertaining way.
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🚶Vienna Middle Ages Tour🚶
Do you like history? Do you like scary and mysterious stories and like exploring new places? Vienna Middle Age Tour can offer you all of that. Come and spend a little bit of your time on Sunday and get to know the mysterious, interesting and sometimes gruesome history of middle age Vienna. Just don´t forget to wear comfortable shoes as there´ll be a lot of walking. 😀
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🛋️Vintage Design SALE🛋️
Design Lichtblick invites you to their event at Autokadestrasse this Saturday. Come to their warehouse and scavenge for rarities, lights, decorations, and most importantly vintage furniture that´ll suit your home. All of the things displayed have been made between the years 1950 and 2000. We guarantee you´ll find something interesting.
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🧆Juicy Crew Sunday Brunch🧆
Take your friend or family and come to this unusual event called Sunday Brunch organized by Juicy crew. The “Brunch” will start at 3 PM and while there you´ll be able to taste a selection of delicious meals such as falafel, Korean food, burgers and snacks. All of this while listening to good music and enjoying the sun outside.
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🎬Summer Cinema Filmarchive Austria🎬
An array of moving images brought to the public space. That is what describes the Summer Cinema brought to you by Filmarchive Austria the best. Enjoy Viennese night sky and its beauty in full and come to the screening of one of the movies brought to you by this summer open-air festival.
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🛍️Das Werk Flea Market🛍️
RahatLook has once again prepared an event for all who love their eco-friendly, sustainable, and vintage clothing. This weekend at Das WERK in Vienna you can peruse through the stalls outside and choose from a variety of clothes, bags and accessories that suit your taste the best. Expect to see a lot of items from the ´70s, ´80s & ´90s.
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🍺Ottakring Beer Festival🍺
If you´re struggling and do not know what to do on a weekend in Vienna, don´t worry. Ottakring Brewery is here to provide entertainment as well as refreshments. The still ongoing festival takes place in the brewery and offers its visitors an endless amount of craft beers and the best street food you can imagine.
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