Anežka LIVE: Summer cinema – Havel


The summer cinema presents a film by Slávko Horák. What would you sacrifice for truth and love? The feature film Havel brings the story of one of the most prominent figures in Czech history, Václav Havel, from his dissident times, when he was not yet a famous figure. “Don’t wait for a portrait of a statesman,” promises director Slávek Horák. The film focuses on Havel’s tumultuous personal life, which is dominated by the struggle for truth and the right thing, persecution, imprisonment, as well as love relationships, his own doubts and humour. At the centre of everything is an unusual and even stronger relationship with his wife Olga.

Place: U Milosrdných 17, Prague
Date: 5 August 2020
Time: 20:30
Admission: 5€

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U Milosrdných 17, Staré Město, Prague, Česko



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