Top things to do in Prague in July

01.07.2020 - 31.07.2020

Top things to do in Prague this July. Check out these awesome events happening in July in Prague!

🍹Mix your summer with Bavorák🍹
Mix your Bavorák at the Fernet bar for only 30, – under the supervision of experienced bartenders. SPECIAL PRICE for all types of Fernet Stock Bavorák. Spend summer sitting outside in the garden with the Fernet bar. Come and enjoy a lovely summer evenings!
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🕺Tros Sketos🕺
It is not often that these three steppers and one moderator meet in one place. Tros sketos follow the best traditions of Czech sket. Their costumes are as changeable as their mood. Humor turns into tragedy and vice versa. Come see the amazing performance of these three live!!
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🍷Summer Wine Festival🍷
Come and taste fine fresh wines, discover the world of frizzante and prosecco. Pleasant live music plays during the tasting and the experience is completed by modern gastronomy, so you can pair selected wines according to your tastes and feelings. During the festival, you can vote for the most delicious wine or take part in some fun forms of tasting directly on the stage.
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♻️SWAP Prague♻️
Do you have a shirt in your closet that you wore only once and never since? Or did you get a sweater for birthdays, but it doesn’t suit you? So this is the right time to exchange your nice clothes for another! SWAP it!
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♻️🎙Emma Smetana / Crossclub♻️🎙
On Saturday, July 25, 2020, Emma Smetana and the whole band will celebrate with us. She will play in front of the Cross club for the first time, so don’t hesitate and come see her live! Enjoy great drinks and beer together with Emma’s music!
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🏃‍♂️Runway Run Prague🏃‍♂️
Run at the airport! Runway Run Prague brings a unique opportunity to participate in the race where it is not normally possible. At five-kilometer race, you will receive a number with a chip that will measure your time and a medal at the finish.
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🤩RUSH Festival 2020🤩
RUSH FESTIVAL 2020 OPEN-AIR & INDOOR. Stunning, wonderful place. Easily available from the city center by public transport, car, or bicycle. [location will be sent to ticket holders]! Don’t hesitate and come to the party with us! You can expect Ado, Axis Alpha, Barna and many more!
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🍺Secrets of beer taste🍺
Tasting evening – “Secrets of beer taste”. Do you consider yourself a beer lover and would you like to understand it better? Come to a guided commented beer tasting, which will reveal the basics of sensory analysis.
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🍍HAWAI party 2020🍍
A unique HAWAII-style party at Adventure Minigolf. Grilled specialties, themed drinks, and much more. Come have a great time, drink, dance, and enjoy yourself!
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🎙David Koller – Jazz Dock Tour🎙
David Koller belongs to the important musicians of the middle generation of the Czech big beat. The author of many now-classic hits became famous as the leader of the rock band Lucie, from 1987 to 2005. Due to the limitations of summer festivals, there is an exceptional opportunity to see this great star of the Czech rock scene in the intimate atmosphere of the club.
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photo by: @nomiamy

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