Become your own healer


Become your own healer – with sounds of speech. Unique experiential workshop. Experience with us a healing bath of sounds of speech. You will find that you have tools at hand that can relieve fatigue and stress, eliminate pain, and energize vital forces.

It is no coincidence that we wish each other good health, we toast to health. A healthy body is essential. As soon as something goes wrong in it, everything else goes sideways.

Psychophonetics is a holistic method that can use the healing power of sounds to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It helps on its own and also works as a supportive treatment.

The lecture and experience workshop will be led by Yehuda Tagar, creator of Psychophonetics, therapist, and teacher. The event will be interpreted into Slovak.

Information on 0905 754 450 and
Admission: 20 euro per person, students of the School of Empathy free of charge.

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Brighter Life Center, Hurbanovo námestie, Bratislava, Slovensko


20 EUR

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