Famous Colosseum

01.08.2020 - 12.09.2020

Famous Colosseum. Urban Tour – Visite Guidate di Roma will prepare for you every Saturday a visit to one of the most famous, if not the most famous amphitheaters in the world! The treasure of Rome, its heart, its base, the Roman Colosseum. The perfect Colosseum that has been in Rome since ancient times, although not in all its splendour, always radiates beauty and mystery. Although some parts have not been preserved, it still has much to offer.

During its heyday, the Colosseum was the largest building in the Roman Empire. In the past, however, the Colosseum was called the Flavian Amphitheater. This name derives from the dynasty in which both of its builders originated. The order for its construction was given by the famous emperor Vespasian in 72. The Colosseum was completed at 80, during the reign of Emperor Titus. It has been gradually improved and used for various games. Without a doubt, the most famous were the fights of the strong gladiators, which were subsequently prohibited. Later was also banned games of wild animals. In addition, the Colosseum was also used for naval combat. Over time it became a fortress. Subsequently, its parts were used for the construction of other buildings. However, in order to end this initial disintegration, the Colosseum was dedicated to Christian martyrs.

The Colosseum is 48 meters high and its circumference is more than half a kilometer. Its foundations in the ground extend up to 9 meters in length. The Colosseum had 80 entrances with a sophisticated underground passage system. Its capacity was 45,000 to 50,000 spectators. It was divided into four terraces, with the lower and front seat for nobles, to have the best view possible. Originally, the Colosseum was covered in marble, and on each floor, we can observe a different type of columns that marked the diversity and size of the Roman Empire.

Place: Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Date: every Saturday from August 1, 2020 until September 12, 2020
Start: 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Tickets: 13.00-31.00 €
Contact: info@urbantour.it

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Colosseo, Rím, Taliansko


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