The best beer places in Prague

19.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Are you a fan of beer just like we are? As Hunter Thompson said, “Good people drink good beer”, and we can say that in Czech Republic and Prague you can find one of the best beers in the world! It can be considered a part of Czech national heritage just like the Astronomical Clock or Prague Castle. So we prepared a list of 10 best pubs in Prague where you can enjoy a delicious pint of traditional Czech beer. Cheers!

1. BeerGeek
Among the wide offer of different beers from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Norway or the USA, you can also taste bottle beers and an interesting collection of whiskey and rum from Scotland, Ireland and Japan. The main area of the bar includes 32 pipes with rare beers.
Where: Vinohradská 988/62 or Slavíkova 1047/10 (bottle shop)

2. U Hrocha
Atmosphere unlike anywhere else! If you don’t like big spaces, try U Hrocha. It is a very traditional “krčma” or pub, where people (both locals and tourists) go for a beer and chat with everyone else about anything, from politics to astronomy. Due to the great beer and authentic atmosphere, U Hrocha was declared to be the best Czech pub by the newspaper Pivo, Bier & Ale. The atmosphere is totally unique and U Hrocha should be on your list when you visit Prague!
Where: Thunovská 10

3. Los v oslu
Delicious Czech food with welcoming staff and cozy atmosphere. A huge variety of Belgian beer in comparison with other bars. Would you like to have “Duchesse de Borgogne” for less than 5 EUR? Come here and have a pint of any Belgian beer.
Where: Perunova 804/17

4. Strahov Monastery Brewery
A beautiful craft brewery in the heart of Prague. Would you like to visit a monastery? A monastery, where you can try different types of beer crafted right there? This is definitely the right place for you! The brewery is hidden in a monastery built in 1142 and it is located only a few steps from Prague Castle.
Where: Strahovské nádvoří 301

5. Brevnov Monastery Brewery
The Brevnov Monastery Brewery is considered to be one of the oldest in the Czech republic. In addition to the classic light lager, the brewery produces a number of specials, all beers under the Brevnov Benedict brand. You can have the beer in a restaurant right in the monastery area.
Where: Markétská 1/28

6. U Zlatého Tygra
Have you ever heard of the most famous Czech beer – Pilsner? U Zlateho Tygra offers a unique atmosphere with the best Pilsner in the city. It is a traditional “krčma” or pub which will complete your authentic experience of Czech culture.
Where: Husova 228/17

7. Kozlovna
If you have had enough of Pilsner, maybe you should try another famous brand, Kozel. It has more than 140 years of tradition and a well-balanced taste of traditional Czech beer. Its key to success is a harmonic taste, which complements with the original atmosphere and the delicious Czech cuisine.
Where: Slavíkova 1047/10, Lidická 796/20 or Oblouková 848/25

8. U Pinkasů
Another great Pilsner in the city! Traditionally crafted beer since 1843. A must-see place and experience. Great beer with tasty traditional food (you should try their famous “svíčková”) – what more could you even possibly want? This pub has it all!
Where: Jungmannovo náměstí 15/16

9. Kolkovna
Unique Pilsner, amazing gastronomy and perfect service in an inspiring environment. The atmosphere is not too touristy – you will find a lot of locals you can have a chat with there.
Where: Na Příkopě 852, V Kolkovně 910/8 or Budějovická 1518

10. Dva kohouti
The craft of brewing and pouring beer brought together. In the morning, the local beer is brewed and in the evening the taps are opened. Simply said, Dva kohouti is a brewery and a taproom under one roof – you definitely don´t want to miss this!
Where: Sokolovská 81/55

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