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12.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Bratislava virtual tour. Do you plan to visit Bratislava? Would you like to walk around Bratislava, even if it’s raining outside or it’s cold? Would you like to see Bratislava’s streets, sights, or other attractions and cultural activities without having to go out or prior to your visit? We have good news for you – it’s very simple, just choose from the following virtual tours in Bratislava:

Virtual tours of various monuments in Bratislava. Whether you are interested in historical monuments, nature, castles or animals, you will find everything on this virtual tour. With 360° technology, you can look around all corners of Bratislava. You can choose from many places. From the Main Square (day and night), through the building of the Slovak National Theater (Historical and New), St. Martin’s Cathedral, Appony Palace, Hviezdoslav Square, Michaels Gate, Slavín, Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle, various Bratislava churches, orchards and meadows, to the Zoo and many more. Definitely everyone will find something they like and wish to visit.
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If you can’t get enough of beautiful panoramic views, we have another tip for you – a panoramic view of the Appolo Bridge, the Old Bridge or the SNP Bridge. Among other things, within these views, you will also see the panorama of Bratislava Castle, Slavín and other individual travel points of Bratislava. Since these views are regularly updated, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the new center of Bratislava or a beautiful romantic sunrise or sunset from the comfort of your home.
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If you are a lover of history or just like to walk through various (not only historical) museums, you are in the right place. We have a list of 10 Bratislava museums for you, which offer a virtual tour of their indoor and outdoor spaces or expositions. Whether you are interested in the Museum of City History, the Museum of Weapons, the Museum of Pharmacy, the Museum of Clocks, Devín Castle or many others, just a few clicks and you can get there in an instant.
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This time we offer you a tip for a virtual tour for your youngest family members. Transfer to the ancient past, to prehistory. Walk among the dinosaurs in Bratislava’s DinoPark. The tour is documented along the entire path in the park, so you will not miss any of these magnificent creatures. You don’t have to worry, they won’t bite you through the display, and this time you have it for free.
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In addition to dinosaurs, we also have younger animals in Bratislava. 🙂 These are antelopes at the Bratislava Zoo, which you can watch through the Livestream between 9:30 and 17:00. Of course, during the summer we hope we will see them and the other animals live at Bratislava Zoo.
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The Jewish Neological Synagogue was demolished in 1969 due to the construction of the SNP Bridge. This two-story Moorish-style building was built in 1893 on Rybné Square, which is adjacent to the Cathedral of St. Martin and is a very common object for photographs and historical postcards. After the war, it served as a television studio. At present, you can watch the educational tour of this synagogue with a written note in an interactive live version.
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If you are an artist body and soul or you just love art and would like to see beautiful contemporary works of art, we offer you a virtual tour of Slovak and Czech galleries. In addition to exhibition pieces, you can also find information about individual works, collections and authors, as well as various articles related to the issue. The catalog currently consists of 137711 works of art from the collections of fifteen Slovak and Czech galleries.
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If your heart longs for cultural activities, this tip is for you. La Komika Theater has prepared online theater performances for fans of dramatic art. We assure you that you will be able to get VIP tickets to the first row – right in front of your screen. So open the curtain and come and see a good performance by excellent Slovak actors.
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For fans of quality music, we have this tip – online music performances of the Slovak Philharmonic. Choose the one that you like the most you the most and enjoy it at home with a glass of wine or a cup of good coffee. There are various concerts available – from orchestras, through soloists to singers. In addition to individual concerts, the Philharmonic also offers educational concerts for children, adults and families online.
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We also carry good news for film enthusiasts. Cinema Lumière offers you film experiences from your home. Each performance starts on a specific day and time as a live stream, so you can’t stop, rewind, postpone it to another day. Just like in the cinema. Whether with popcorn or a sweet delicacy, it’s up to you how to make yourself comfortable. The service also offers an online chat, where you can communicate with other viewers and analyze what you see during the film, but also after it ends.
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