ROMAN ART Violence In Paintings Online Course


An online course full of art! Rome, the eternal city, eternal also thanks to its art. The Romans, a nation that has given to this world more than any other nation. Roman art, although thousands of years old, never ceases to interest people. Although much has been discovered, Roman art always hides many secrets. In addition to art, it is precisely history that is unconditionally connected to Rome and to the Roman Empire. One of the largest empires in the world, ruled by the most famous emperors, also brought about many struggles, violence, and suffering. In this area, there were also significant battles and wars that marked the whole world. During this time, people became accustomed to violence to such an extent that on days when there was no fighting, pretexts provoke a fight. And so they fought, often even if it wasn’t necessary. In addition to wars between individual nations, in ancient Rome were popular also gladiator battles. How these wars and battles were, we know today thanks to the art that has survived from those times. Blood, violence, murder, all this, but also much more, expressed images that at that time served as one of the few means to capture what was happening during the existence of the famous Rome.

If you are interested in Roman art, use these days to get to know it through online courses. Bellezze di Roma has prepared for you 5 lessons, each focused on a different chapter of the most important Roman art. The first lesson will deal with the violence represented in the paintings, from the times of the famous Marcus Aurelius to gladiators. This lesson will take place on Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 7 PM, so don’t hesitate and book your place now. The tour will be guided by the friendly guide Caterina and will last an hour and 10 minutes.

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Place: at your home
Start: 7 PM
Price: € 8
Contact: 3895711466 /

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