Czech Republic – Virtual tour

21.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

Czech Republic – Virtual Czech landscapes and monuments. Despite the fact that we can not travel these days, we can still together discover the most beautiful places around the world. So let’s have a look at the Czech Republic. Beautiful castles, the tallest mountain of the Czech Republic, weird sculptures in forests and historical landmarks. Check out these virtual tours of beautiful Czech landscapes and historical landmarks.

1. Prague castle
Surroundings of Prague castle are amazing to walk through in spring weather. In these times however you can enjoy your “walk” from home! Experience historical Old Prague and its castle with the virtual guide.
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2. Old Town
Would you like to see Prague, Czech Republic, but you can not travel? Don’t worry! This virtual guide is something for you! Old Town is beautiful, so enjoy it from your home without crowded streets with tourists and rude street vendors.
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3. Holy Trinity Column
Olomouc is a lovely city. A lot smaller than Prague, but it has its own charm. Local breweries, small shops, everything seems to flow slower here. Don’t forget their world-famous cheese Olomoucké syrečky which has delicate taste but very strong odor! 🙂 Enjoy Holy Trinity Column at the center of this amazing city from the comfort of your home with this virtual tour of the Czech Republic!
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4. Ruin Hasishtejn
Once beautiful castle, now only a ruin, but nevertheless stunning. Enjoy Ruins of Hasishtejn with this virtual tour and experience this historical castle and its surroundings from the comfort of your home!
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5. Tower of Ruprechtice
Ruprechtic “pointer” as locals call it, is the publicly accessible watchtower of the Czech landscape. Beautiful fields and forests can be seen from the top. But you don’t have to hike up there now, because you can see all this from your living room with this virtual tour! Enjoy!
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6. Devil’s heads
With this virtual tour, you can experience Czech “Mount Rushmoore”! Devil’s heads are rocky sculptures consisting of, as the name suggests, heads of the devil. You can see them for yourself with a virtual guide and see the terror in their eyes!
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7. Rock theater
Rock theater is a very interesting rock formation in Liberec, Czech Republic. Experience rocky theater and surroundings of this amazing landscape for yourself from your living room!
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8. Vysoký Ostrý
This lovely view of Ústí nad Labem and its landscapes is stunning to see in person, but this virtual tour will get as close to that as it can.
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9. Sněžka
The tallest peak in Krkonoše! Famous Sněžka can be seen with this virtual guide and will show you its beauty in full. Try it and see for yourself!
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10. Ještěd
This peak in the north of the Czech Republic near Liberec has one of the most stunning views in the Czech Republic. Big TV tower at the top and everything else below it! With this virtual tour, you get to see it from birds’ view and enjoy it very differently than in-person! See for yourself!
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