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15.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

Shopping online Prague. We hope You are staying home these difficult times so we prepared a list of e-shops in Prague where you can buy everything you need from the comfort of your home! 🙂

1. UberEats
Hungry? Order restaurant food easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your food order in real-time. Choose from many restaurants around Prague. Get your food delivered to your door.
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2. HamHam
HamHam is a food delivery service that pre-cooks your desired food, then seals it in bags and delivers to your home. When you fancy dinner or lunch, you just grab sealed packets and heat them. In 10 minutes you are ready to eat a fresh hot meal. Simply amazing.
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3. Tesco
With Tesco, going to the grocery store is long forgotten. Try their online store and see for yourself! From vegetables to canned goods, you can choose and do your grocery list in your pajamas from the comfort of your home. Then just wait for the courier with your bags and enjoy!
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Kosik is an online e_shop that serves as your local grocery store. You can choose from basic things such as pastry, dairy but there are many more groceries to choose from. Try it for yourself!
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5. DM
DM is an online drugstore in which you can buy everything you would expect from the drugstore. Shampoos, beauty products are standard but they also sell BIO products, vegan groceries and food for your pets!
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Ageo is e-shop variant of a big drugstore. You can buy everything for disinfection, cleaning, hygiene and washing here. Try it out!
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7. Pivotoc
In this difficult time when everything is closed, sometimes people want to enjoy a nice meal from the restaurant and get a good beer with it. Yes, you can buy can beer in a grocery store but it just isn’t the same thing as a draft. Don’t be afraid Pivotoc has you covered! Choose from many beers they offer and get it delivered to you home! Taste fresh beer as if you were in a pub!
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8. Pivni Majak
Want to tap your own beer as in a pub? Pivni Majak is here to deliver you barrels of beer and equipment with it so you can feel as bartender event at home!
Try it out!
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9. Okay
Okay electro sells everything from computers to fridges and washing machines. Did your washer break? Don’t worry, with Okay you can order a new one, get it delivered to your home and if you want, they can take your old broken one and get rid of it! And you just relax at your home! Amazing.
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10. Alza
Alza is the biggest electronic e-shop in the Czech republic. Here you can find literally everything you want from the world of white electronics(fridges, microwaves, etc.) to custom made computers, cables name it. Everything delivered to your home!
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