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23.03.2020 - 30.06.2020

Food delivery in Bratislava during the quarantine. Stay at home and order your favorite food to your front door. If you are a responsible individual, you are not taking any chances and you stay at home. And we applaud you for that. ☺ However, while at home, you might miss your favorite restaurants, with their yummy burger or pizza or sushi. We are here to put your mind at ease and make it easier for you to find out which restaurants in Bratislava will deliver food to your door (without any contact of course). Support local restaurants, place your order today and enjoy your comfort food at the safety of your lovely home. ☺

1. BeAbout
If you love burgers and have been living in Bratislava for some time, you most probably know of BeAbout burgers. They are legendary and taste like a piece of heaven. Like many other restaurants, they decided to deliver their yummy burgers to their customers, to keep everyone safe. You can place your order by phone:
BeAbout Dunaj – 0948 220 608
BeAbout Dulák – 0948 050 109
You can pay by card and they deliver every day from 11:00 until 20:00
Find out more on their Instagram account More info

2. Mondieu – Organic Bistro & Chocolat
We love Sunday mornings at Mondieu, having brunch with friends or family, enjoying good food, amazing cakes and time with our loved us. At the moment, we can’t be all hanging out at any of the Mondieu locations, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their yummy meals. You can order your favorites on this link More info and they will deliver it to your door. Make plans with your friends and family to have a virtual brunch or dinner date, order food from Mondieu and enjoy yourselves. ☺

3. Gatto Matto
Pizza, pasta or zuppa di pomodori? Can you imagine your life without a good pizza or pasta? We surely can’t. Which is why we are grateful to be living in an age where we can have delicious food delivered to our front doors. And like many businesses, Gatto Matto had to also adapt and start delivery. Simply go to their website, choose what you’d like to order for 20 euro or more (little secret – you can also order a bottle of wine. ;)) and wait for your meals to be delivered to you. If you are ordering in the Old Town, New Town or Ružinov area call these numbers: 0911 550 123 or 02 5443 8408. And if you are ordering from Rusovce, Čunovo, Jarovce or Slnečnice, call 0910 844 244 or 0911 300 328. Find the Gatto Matto menu at More info

4. El Gaucho
As many other restaurants, El Gaucho remains closed for it’s sit down guests. But don’t be sad. You can still enjoy their fabulous steak or any other of the El Gaucho delicious meals. All you have to do is to click this link More info and decide what you would like to order. You can either pick it up and take it home or have it delivered to the comforts of your home. So which El Gaucho signature meal you’ll be ordering today? ☺

5. PanCakes
To hear that PanCakes is also doing delivery was one of the best news of the last week. From 17th March you can order your favorite crepes by calling this number 0948 100 458. You can place your order from 10:30 until 19:30 and you can either pick up your order or have it delivered. You can find the current offer on their Instagram More info Enjoy the great feeling of supporting a small local business and the taste of a great, sweet pancake at the same time. ☺

6. Foodstock Bratislava
We do love gyoza from Foodstock Bratislava. Which is why we simply have to include it in this list. You can place your order in advance by calling +421 905 456 654 and pick it up at their location at Klobučnícka 6. Or if you would like to have your favorite Foodstock meal delivered, you can do so via Wolt od
Find out more about Foodstock and their offer at More info

At times like these, vitamins are vital for our bodies. We need good nutrition for our body and mind. Try a small, but fantastic place Umami that delivers yummy and healthy salads and other meals. And they all taste just like from mom, made with love.:) They deliver for free in the whole Bratislava and you can place your order via IG or by phone from 8:00- 14:00.
Find out more about their offer by checking out their Instagram at More info

8. Veg Life
Speaking of healthy food, let us not forget Veg Life. Veg Life offers yummy vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals. You can order your dose of vitamins and healthy food from 11:00 until 14:00 during workdays. If you would love to order their daily menu, you have to order it by 10:30. To choose what you would like to eat today, visit their website at More info
As with many restaurants at the moment, you can pay only by card.

9. Žufaňa Bistro
We love, love Žufaňa and can’t imagine having this space to go for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Even thou they don’t do deliveries, you can place your order in advance and come pick it up from their take-out window. You can place and pick up your order by sending a message to their FB messenger or by calling this number +421 948 786 (please note that phone orders are not available on Mondays). Žufaňa will take in your order daily from 10:00 – 14:00 and you have always order a day upfront. You can find the daily menu on their website More info
We believe that if you’ve tried Žufaňa meals at least once, you will understand why we love it so much and will decide to support this great place to keep their gates open. ☺

10. Iasai
Big soups and small dishes inspired by Asia. Beyond delicious food that will make your day at home so special. You can even make an event out of it – dress up, put makeup on, pour yourselves some wine, put on good music and enjoy this fantastic food as you would do in the restaurant.:)
You can order your Iasai meal by calling +421 917 399 993 and they will deliver it to your home for free. The minimum order is 30 euro and you can pay by a card or by apple pay. Find out more about their offer at More info

11. Pizza Mizza
Is it possible to talk about food delivery in Bratislava and not mention Pizza Mizza? You can order their delicious pizza, pasta or daily menu, with a home delivery everyday from 11:00 until 20:00. At the moment, you can even win a 30 euro voucher for more pizza. All you need to do is to order yummy food and enjoy it at the safety of your own home. Find out more about the delivery and their menu at More info

12. Fat Louis
“Fat Louis is fast food for the discerning”
Whether you are a burger fan or not, we think you need to experience the Fat Louis burgers at least one. And can you imagine a better time to try and experiment with new meals and tastes, then during a time you have to stay at home? We can’t either. So check out their menu at More info pick your favorites and simply place an order. Fat Louis is delivering for free to Ružinov, Vrakuňa, Petržalka and Nové Mesto, minimal order is 9,90 € and you can make an order daily from 11:00 – 20:00. Enjoy.:)

13. Wolt and
In case you are looking for a good meal, but not sure yet what you want, checkout Wolt or They have a great database of restaurants in Bratislava and offer contactless payment and delivery to your home. Be it McDonald’s or Tacos, you can find almost everything on these two portals. ☺

And if all our tips and Wolt, won’t be enough for you, check out @cojebratislava on Instagram. He saved community tips on restaurants that offer delivery or take-out in highlights on his profile.

Whatever place you decide to order your meal from, remember this – by every order you support local businesses and helping them to keep afloat at this challenging time. Plus you can make your day feel a bit more special, every now and then.:) Make a celebration of having a fantastic meal delivered to the comfort of your home. And remember, stay home and stay safe.:)

Find all tips on what to do in Bratislava at More info


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