Things to do with kids at home

23.03.2020 - 31.12.2020

How are you doing in quarantine? We hope you are staying at home as much as you can. And because we know it can be hard sometimes, especially for parents entertaining their kids, we bring you some tips on what to do at home with your kids.

1. Homemade cinema
Cinemas are closed but it doesn’t have to stop you from having a nice time while watching a movie together. Pick a nice family movie, fairytale, animated movie or whatever you like. Make comfortable seating using pillows, blankets, carpets. Light candles or other lights and enjoy a beautiful time with your family.

2. Puzzle
Make your own picture by putting some puzzles together. If you don’t have one don’t worry. Just use an old picture or image. Cut it into pieces and let your child put them together. If it is too hard for them don’t hesitate and help them. You can frame what you made and hang it on the wall.

3. Traveling with your finger around the map
It is very sad that you cannot travel these days. But we have a solution for you. Get a map, let your child close their eyes and show their finger on a map. The child will choose a place where to go. After that just find some interesting information about the place and plan what you would do there.

4. Theater performance
It is important to teach your kids to love culture. So while staying at home prepare a short theater performance for your kids. Or even better let them make the performance. They can act or use puppets, make a shadow theater. We are sure they will be thrilled. You can even watch some performances together online. There are so many possibilities. You just have to choose.

5. Games with words
There are many games where you can train yours and your children’s vocabulary. For example, there are Scrabble, Tick Tock Boom or Party Alias. And that is just a shortlist of them. You can just try to guess the right word or play Name, Place, Animal, Thing. It is a simple way to entertain and educate your children at the same time.

6. Exercise
Movement is very important for everyone not only for children. So we suggest you do some exercise with your kids. If you do not know any exercises suitable for children, there are plenty of great examples on the internet. Please while doing exercise be sure you and your children are careful and doing the exercises the right way. You will find plenty of them on the youtube channel for example.
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7. Creative workshops
Kids love to draw or to make things. Easter is coming as well as spring and many other occasions to make something beautiful. Find some suggestions and try to do something together. Make a heart, some flowers or some decorations to make your home more beautiful. You can even learn your kids to make something you loved to do when you were kids.

8. Karaoke
Who doesn’t love to sing as loud as your lungs allow? Most of us do. So why not take advantage of it? Make a singing competition for your children. Find songs your kids love the most and let them sing. Let them feel like stars feel and entertain them thanks to their own ability. Find also some songs you love and try to sing with them. It will surely take your minds off all the stress.

9. Reading club
If you would like to have a calm day without screaming and fuss we advise you to read a book. We know it can be a little harder with kids around so we suggest you let them join you. Let them choose an interesting book to read and make a little reading club together. Sit into a comfortable sofa or armchair and read. And if your kids don’t know how to read yet, find a book to read for them.

10. Fun Learning (Mathematics)
We wrote about training vocabulary so why no to train math skills too? Find out what your kid already knows and try to prepare a treasure hunt for them. They will have to solve some problems to find the next hint. What a great way to entertain and teach your kids.

These are just a few ideas on what to do with your kids. For more tips on what to do during quarantine go to More info and we will add some tips there, or if you have any suggestions please write to us at


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