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15.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

Museums around the world are opening up virtual tours of their permanent exhibitions online, in response to the coronavirus. You can watch the exhibition online from the comfort of your home. Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 500 museums and galleries around the world. Fortunately, the internet works so we can virtually at least browse and admire exhibits and works of art.
In Budapest you can see the following museums:

?️Műcsarnok – Kunsthalle ??
Kunsthalle has over 60 exhibitions available online, including paintings, art installations and photographs. You can stroll down the corridors of this main gallery, looking through the different rooms. Zoom in on every artifact and enjoy the entire museum for yourself. Kunsthalle was founded in 1877 there is an exhibition of Hungarian and international contemporary artists.
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?️Liszt Academy of Music ??
Google Arts & Culture has three exhibitions online at the Music Academy in Lisbon, you can see a slide show that highlights exterior architecture – you can see in detail the stone atlases above the entrance of Egyptian and Assyrian elements along the roof. You can virtually stroll through the breathtaking interior. Do not forget to watch the first gala concert after the reconstruction and a short film about the famous history of the Academy.
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?️Hungarian National Digital Archive ??
With over 600,000 digital records, this is probably the largest virtual exhibition in Hungary. Explore photography, local history, postcards, fashion, architecture, archeology and much more. The Zwack Dynasty – the Herbal Liquor of Unicum Glory – features a complete exhibition with a history of factory founding, family conflicts, advertising posters, and numerous photographs. Another interesting exhibition is the renowned doctor of the 19th century Ignáz Semmelweis, after which the hospital in Budapest is named today.
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?️Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture ??
Experience the Hungarian Agricultural Museum in a virtual tour. Located in the town park of Vajdahunyadvár, the museum tells the story of one of the most important sectors of Hungarian life and history. After all, we all have to eat! – is the theme of the exhibition. Archaeological finds in the Carpathian Basin examine the history of agriculture since the Stone Age and are directed to the present day through the themes of agriculture, hunting – collection and production of tools. Even the development of pets is discussed.
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The Google Arts & Culture collection has partnered with over 500 museums worldwide. We also recommend you to visit these most famous museums in the world.

?️The Britain Museum in London ??
This iconic museum in the heart of Britain’s capital allows virtual visitors to see the Great Court or Egyptian mummies and hundreds of other artifacts.
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?️Louvre in Paris ??
Since 1993 Le Grand Louvre is a palace complex in the center of Paris, the former residence of the French kings. It is located between Rue de Rivoli and Place de la Concorde on the right bank of the Seine. Today it houses one of the world’s largest museums – the Musée du Louvre. Once it was the main palace of the kings, it was later neglected because of Versailles, which was built by King Louis XIV. Today, there is, for example, a glass pyramid, which forms the main entrance to the castle. It is a monumental place in the heart of Paris, in the middle of an ideal line, ending in the east with the Vincennes forest and in the west with Neuilly and the Boulogne forest. It offers online tours on its website.
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?️Museum Pergamon in Berlin ??
One of the largest museums in Germany. This historic museum houses many ancient artifacts, including the Ishtar Babylonian Gate and of course the Pergamon Altar.
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?️Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam ??
Anyone who is a fan of a sophisticated painter can see his works together – it’s the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s works. Over 200 paintings, 500 drawings and over 750 personal letters are collected here.
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