Eco-shopping, Flea markets and SWAP in Bratislava

25.02.2020 - 31.12.2022

We live in an age where being conscious about one’s shopping decisions is no more just a choice, but a necessity. An age when recycled goods are becoming more popular, when swaps are highly appreciated events and when flea markets are no longer just about saving money. The concept of flea markets is still not all the big in Bratislava, which is why we decided to mix in some swap events, second-hand stores with books and popular antique shops. Are you ready?

1. Blšák on Inter Stadium
It’s one of the biggest flea markets in Bratislava, happening every Friday and Sunday on the Inter Football Stadium. You can look forward to discovering all sorts of peculiar objects, ready to be taken home. Are you looking for old keys or want to get creative with silverware? Or perhaps you would like to buy an old, crystal vase that stills looks like new? We dare to say that if you want to do flea market shopping and have time on Friday or Sunday mornings, you should definitely hit the Inter stadium. Who knows, you might find the VHS player you so want. 😉
When: Friday and Sunday mornings until 13:00

2. Burzoblšák
Burzoblšák is more than just a flea market. It’s a community event that aims to bring people together in the spirit of recycling and ecology, but also to be a space where people meet on a regular basis and enjoy a lovely Saturday together. Burzoblšák is held at the Pavla Marcelyho school at Drieňová 16 every first Saturday in a month, from 8:00 until 14:00. It’s a fantastic place for shopping, whether you are a blogger looking for something new and original or for fans of second- hand shopping. Enjoy your eco- friendly shopping and the atmosphere of a lovely community event.
When: First Saturday in a new month, 8:00 – 14:00

3. Flea markets at Old Market Hall
If you are looking for something special you should definitely visit Sashe markets in the Old market hall. You can look forward to various Handmade products from Slovak producers. Check our events section, we will bring you all Flea markets at Old market hall.
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Swap is the new hot thing and we can’t express with words just how grateful we are for this concept. It’s not your typical flea market where you can buy all sorts of old furnishing or items for your home. But it’s definitely worth including in this list. Nowadays, we all have tones of clothes at home, just sitting at the back of the closet (because who knows, maybe in 10 years you will fit in those jeans), and we are looking for an outlet where we could give our closets a second chance. Or maybe you would like to get a “ new” pair of jeans without putting extra pressure on the planet by buying a new one? No matter to which group you belong, you will love SWAP. You can find more info about the next swap by searching our events section. There will be plenty of events to choose from. Happing swaping. ☺
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5. Trnavský rínek
We all know that sometimes you have to travel a bit for the good stuff. And the same goes for (flea) markets in Bratislava and surrounding areas. If you are around on the weekend when Trnavský rínek is happening, make sure you will take that train or car ride to Trnava. Trnavský rínek is a fantastic event that offers a lot of food, local brands selling their awesome goods, people selling their oldies, but goodies. You will find everything and more on this market. And the atmosphere is so great, you would not want to leave the city. Plus, you get to experience another Slovak city, a city that for its rich history and the number of churches is called also the small Rome. Keep your eye on the next Rínek by checking their Facebook fanpage.
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6. Urban markets
Another very popular place to shop is the Urban market that is happening several times a year. You can look forward to a huge number of local designers selling their unique products – be it clothes, items for the household, stylish accessories, tea and even food. Plus the atmosphere at this market is insane and will fill you with a lot of positive vibes. We will bring you all the Urban markets in our Bratislava events section.
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7. Prešporský bazar
Prešporský bazar is a antique bazaar that has a long history, that started at Devin castle. After few years, the bazar moved to the Old Market Hall in the center of Bratislava. The vendors offer all sorts of antiques that you won’t find anywhere else. If you would like to get yourself a great new piece for your home or as a souvenir from your trip, keep an eye on their FB fanpage.
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8. The Good Market – Dobrý Trh
Dobrý Trh is a unique event that brings a truly fantastic atmosphere and local designers to the streets of Bratislava. Be it at Palisády or at the center of Bratislava or Jakubák, this market is something you have to experience. Have a good cup of coffee, get some tasty food and buy awesome products from local designers and vendors. Above all, enjoy the atmosphere, because there is nothing like the atmosphere of the Dobrý Trh.:) Find out more about the next event at our Bratislava events section.
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