Unusual things to do in Bratislava

26.02.2020 - 31.12.2022

Unusual things to do in Bratislava. Bratislava is a fantastic city that offers a lot of activities to enjoy. Some are more regular – like partying on weekends or exploring the monuments. But some activities are a bit out of the ordinary and will make your day a bit more interesting, brighter and we dare to say more adventurous. Check out this list to find out more about the unusual things to do in Bratislava.

1. Bungee jumping from Lafranconi bridge
Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie and would like to leave Bratislava with an extraordinary experience? Then we recommend you a bungee jumping from the Lafranconi bridge. Thanks to the special Kein’s swing method, you will be able to swing above the Danube in speed 110km/h. If you can’t think of anything more fun to do in between monuments, check this website and book your jump today.
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2. UFO Skywalk
If you come to Bratislava from April to October and you like a little bit of adrenaline pumping through your veins, check out UFO Skywalk. UFO Skywalk is going to be a walk that will take your breath away. During your walk on the windowsill of the UFO observation tower, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views over the whole city, from bird’s perspective. Find out more about the price and available dates for the UFO Skywalk.
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3. Multium
Multium is a space and mirror gallery that will make for a fun weekend afternoon. Imagine mirror illusions that will make you uncertain about the laws of physics. Or space where you can get an original and interesting photo for your social media or a family photo album. The tickets cost 5 euros for adults and 12 or 14 euros per family, depending on the number of children you are coming with. Be aware, that you need to reserve the time you would like to come to Multium. No need to worry thou, it’s quite easy and you can do the reservation on their website More info
So if you are looking for something bit out of the ordinary, check out Multium- Space and Mirror gallery at Zámocká street.

4. Danubiana
If you had time to visit only one gallery while you are in Bratislava, it should be Danubiana. It’s a fairly new gallery with stunning spaces, amazing art and a truly unique atmosphere. Surrounded by the Danube on all sides, Danubiana makes for a great spot to hang out the whole day, enjoying the art and having a good cup of coffee. The entry fee is 10 euro per person, 5 euro for students or 20 euro for a family. You can find out more about Danubiana on their website More info

5. Aurelium
We love interactive activities that provide both space for fun and learning. Aurelium in Bratislava is just that kind of space, where not only the children, but also adults can find an experiment they will love. Aurelium, a science hub has its door opened to children from 12 years. The entrance fee is 2 euro per child and 4 euro per adult, which we dare to say is next to nothing for all the fun you’ll get. You will find Aurelium at Bojnická 3 in Bratislava.
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6. Tripland
Imagine going to a museum of optic illusions, filled with real graffiti artworks on the walls. You can create your own little artwork and look forward to tones of fun and lots of Instagram worthy photos. If Tripland sounds the right fun and out of the ordinary experience for you, you will find it at Námestie SNP 15. Tripland is opened daily from 10:15 until 20:15. Have fun and enjoy the illusions.

7. Jump Arena
Have fun in Jump Arena. You will definitely get over everything that is stressing you right now. You have at least an hour to discover your abilities. 27 trampoline, free jump, foam pit, slam dunk contest, ultimate dodgeball, jump from tower to airbag, walking and rope jumping. Doesn’t that sound fun?
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8. Top Fun Eurovea
Whether you are in the city for a few days or you live here, Top Fun is a game center in Eurovea and it is a spot you should definitely visit. It offers a whole bunch of fun games. We have tried it and everyone can find a game they like – be it video game or a little virtual reality.
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9. Shopping in Slavica or Slowatch
Maybe you are not into art or adrenaline and would like to spend your time in Bratislava with a little shopping, we got you. Forget the mainstream and fast fashion stores thou. We think you should visit local stores that offer beautiful jewelry, clothes, perfumes and much more. Both stores –Slavica and Slowatch, are located right in the city center at Laurinská street.

10. A night out in Old Fashioned bar or The Velvet
Old Fashion Bar or The Velvet bar are classy bars with fantastic drinks and amazing decór. Both bars have a dress code, so in case you feel like dressing up and having a nice night out, visit one of these bars. We guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time.:)

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