What to do in Bratislava in one day

29.01.2020 - 31.12.2022

To all the travelers who have only one day to explore the city of Bratislava, we have prepared the ultimate guide of Bratislava sightseeing to enjoy your day to the fullest. Whether you are coming to Bratislava from Vienna or you have decided to stop by and explore the city on your way to Budapest or Prague, find the list of Bratislava sightseeing you should not miss!

If you want to make sure you are going to start the day with good quality breakfast in a lovely setting, we can’t recommend Mondieu enough. We are more than certain that even the most demanding foodie will be able to choose a delicious meal to kick the day off with. What makes Mondieu also a great spot to breakfast, are the 3 locations in the very center of the old town of Bratislava. All of the locations are opened from 8:00, Monday to Saturday and from 8:30 on Sundays. So go ahead, enjoy your fantastic breakfast, snap some Insta worthy photos and get ready to hit the city hard. J
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⛪️ The Blue Church
When you’ll Google Bratislava, the Blue Church will be one of the top recommended sights to see. And we can’t help but agree. Its original facade makes for a truly unique monument that is worth to see. Plus it does make for a great backdrop for photos. ☺

? Main Square
Main Square is probably the most know square in Bratislava. It’s right in the city center, surrounded by buildings with beautiful architecture and great history. Main Square, like in many cities was and still is the place where major events are happening – be it Christmas markets or Letné slávnosti – city’s music summer festival. At the Main Square, you will see the Old Town Hall, with all its beauty and buildings built in different eras and styles. If you feel adventurous, you can also climb up the tower of the Old Town Hall for 2 euro and enjoy the view of the city. We can’t talk about the Main Square and not mention Roland’s fountain, probably the most famous fountain in Bratislava. The fountain has a long history and there are many legends centered around Roland’s fountain. 🙂

? Slovak National Theatre – The Historical building
You will find the stunning, historical building of the Slovak National Theatre just a few meters from the Main Square. It was designed by the architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer and opened its door in 1886. This beautiful piece of history was built in eclectic style and became the house to the Slovak National Theatre in 1920. Nowadays, the building is exclusively dedicated to Opera and Ballet. While looking at the building, try to notice the busts of famous artists like William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang Goethe or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Can you see them? ☺

? Slovak Philharmonic building
We will stay at Hviezdoslavovo square for a little bit more. If you are standing in front of the theatre and turn right. (If you are looking at McDonald’s, you turned the wrong way.:D) . Across the street, you will see another amazing historical building. This building is a house to the Slovak Philharmonic. What used to be an old Theresian granary is nowadays one of the most important buildings in Slovak culture and classical music.

? Danube Promenade
Did you come closer to have a look at the Slovak Philharmonic building? Then keep on walking towards the river. Cross the road and you will end up right at the city’s promenade that goes all the way from Eurovea Shopping area to the Lafranconi bridge. From the promenade, you will be able to enjoy the views of the river banks, the National Gallery and the very impressive UFO. Yes, you read correctly! In Bratislava, we have our very own UFO, that sits comfortably on the top of the SNP Bridge. Enjoy the view and if you feel like having a little drink –hot or cold, visit the RIVERBANK restaurant. Nice restaurant and bar situated right on the embankment with great food and a truly unique atmosphere, especially in the summertime when you can sit literally on the edge of the river. Well known Chef Jaroslav Zidek will present a traditional local cuisine in modern and loveable style.
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? St. Martin’s Cathedral
You can’t visit Bratislava and not visit, or at least see, the St. Martin’s Cathedral, a beautiful piece of historical architecture. Did you know that the coronation of Maria Theresa happened in this very church? An impressive building with a great history that we suggest, you read up on.:) If you can get inside, you should definitely do it. Look at the stunning stained- glass windows and the whole structure of the building, the high ceilings and the altar. St. Martin’s Cathedral is definitely a building that should be on your must-see list, while in Bratislava.

? Kapitulská street
You saw St. Martin’s Cathedral in and out. Great. Keep on going for a few meters and turn left. You are now at Kapitulská street. One of the oldest streets in Bratislava, with a unique atmosphere. This street is so peaceful and quiet, you will hardly believe you are still in the center of the Old Town. Walk around, get lost in the quite and history, look at the beautiful buildings and imagine all that happened on this street in previous centuries.:)

? Grassalkovich Palace – The Presidential Palace
Grassalkovich Palace is situated at the Hodžovo square and it is the official seat of the president of Slovakia. This stunning palace has a great French garden that belongs to one of the most popular gardens in the city. The palace is located on one of the most well-known squares and you can not only see the impressive palace, but also a fountain in the shape of the Earth. The fountain symbolizes freedom and is a very popular meeting point between the locals. If you would like to see the change of the guards at the palace, come over around at 12:00 on weekdays.

? Bratislava castle
Imagine being in Rome and not visiting the Colosseum. Well, it’s the same with Bratislava and our castle. It’s a bit of a long walk, especially, if you have only one day in the city. So if you don’t feel like climbing to the top of the hill, we suggest you’ll either take a bolt from the Zochova bus stop or if you are more into the public transportation, take the trolleybus number 207 or 203 from Hodžovo square. The trolleybuses will take you comfortable all the way to the castle – you’ll need to get off on the ‘Hrad’ stop. Once you go through the gate, you will be able to enjoy a lovely atmosphere, fantastic views over the whole city, lovely gardens and if you have time to spare, a great museum.
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? Slavín
Do you remember where you got off from the trolleybus? Good. Go back to the same stop and take either 203 or 207 to the ‘Búdková’stop. When you get off at Búdková street, you’ll need to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the monumental Slavín. A Memorial monument and military cemetery. You might wonder, why we are sending you to a military cemetery. But trust us. Slavín has an atmosphere and views like no other place in the city. It’s quiet, relaxed, filled with nature and a mesmerizing piece of art in the center. We guarantee that it is worth the walk and visit, no matter the season.

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If you want to know what’s going on in Bratislava during your stay, check our the best events section:
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We hope you have enjoyed your days in Bratislava and managed to see all you wanted. And if your time didn’t allow you to visit all of the sights and places, you know what that means. You have to come back. ☺

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