The Jazz Russell


Jazz Do It, The Jazz Russell live at Crash Rome – The warm and sanguine atmospheres of improvisation are tinged with notes with an even more international flavor with the new Crash Roma music festival dedicated to JAZZ and to the whole world of experimentation, soul, blues, r & b and much more.

The appointment with The Jazz Russell at Crash Rome is Saturday 18 January, from 18:00, to enjoy an aperitif or dinner accompanied by excellent live music. You can reserve the table for dinner by calling: 347.9449129. For further information, visit the website or write an e-mail to

The Jazz Russell are Filippo Delogu (guitar) and Federica Michisanti (double bass).

A formation with an original sound, in which the dialogue between instruments acts as a true soloist, through a unique repertoire of rare gems, famous standards and unusual times that pass through time: from the swing of the 30s to more modern jazz.

Components of rhythmic sections of renowned bands of the swing and jazz scene, reliable sideman of established soloists, JAZZ RUSSELL gathered in their own formation, strong of the musical harmony and staff built over years of joint collaborations.

With arrangements strictly “expressed” and in movement, the JAZZ RUSSELL always do a bit as they please, and they turn to those who listen with spontaneity, sincerity and with one goal: the game!

For information on Jazz Russell visit

Crash Vibes & Wines is a restaurant in Rome that offers drinks, food and live music. The best of the food and wine excellence of the territory, between innovation and good tradition. The tradition of taste, the genuine one of the past, is renewed by revolutionizing the concept of tasting and hospitality.

The typical local products that celebrate and enhance the memory of the area, rediscover a new soul made of innovation and experimentation. A clash match marked by the rhythm of the crash, the drum plate that closes one musical phase in music and opens another, defines breaks and changes.

Location: Crash Roma, Via San Marino, 47, Rome
Date: January 18
Time: 19:30
Cost: Free
For all information on the Crash and its events you can visit their website


Via San Marino, 47, Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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