The Best Views and photography spots in Rome

21.11.2019 - 31.12.2022

We are in love with Rome. The eternal city has so much to offer, beautiful architecture, history, delicious restaurants, fashion, coffee and I could continue… If you want to enjoy the best views in Rome see our tips for the best places to admire and take pictures of Rome.

? Gianicolo Hill
Rome has some very impressive views but very few can come close to matching the view from the top of Gianicolo Hill. It is one of the most diverse things to see and far-reaching. You are sure to have fun spotting some of the sights from the ‘piazzale’ at the top of this hill including the Wedding Cake, St. Peter’s Basilica, Castle of Sant’Angelo Castle and the Pantheon.

? Orange Gardens on Aventine Hill
If you visit Rome during the Spring, before going to the Garden of Oranges, first take a look at the beautiful collection of roses in the Rose Garden. Make your way to the Orange Gardens, walk through the metal gates and follow the path. Upon turning left, you’ll be greeted by Rome’s iconic umbrella pines trees leading the way to a stunning view of St. Peter’s Basilica in the distance.

? The Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica
From the most famous dome in Rome, you are guaranteed an awe-inspiring view. The Vatican City Square takes your breath away with its mostly all-white background, glorious fountain, beautifully curving walkway and statues of the apostles atop. You can either walk the 231 steps or take the elevator to get to the top of Michelangelo’s world-famous dome.

? Pincio Terrace from Villa Borghese
Before visiting, take a picture of the grand obelisk and lions on the fountain in the center of Piazza del Popolo. Then take the stairs from the piazza, facing the terrace. Above the trees, as you gaze in the distance at the historic center and over to the Vatican City, this view will have you speechless. It is easily one of our favorites.

? Above the Spanish Steps
Just a short walk from Pincio is the incredible view from above the Spanish Steps. The colorful, beautifully colored terraces are exquisite and nicely adorned with plants. Catch the best view from inside the Hassler Hotel’s rooftop bar at Imàgo restaurant or from the Piazza in front of the Trinita dei Monti. Make sure to have your camera!

? Il Vittoriano
You can’t ignore the colossal “Wedding Cake” which is a tribute to King Victor Emanuele II, the first king of Italy. The glorious monument is known for its white marble towers and stunning 360-degree views of the historic center. It includes the Palazzo Vanezia, one of the oldest Renaissance buildings in the city, along with what used to be Michelangelo’s house. Also, undoubtedly the view of Trajan’s Column and the Roman Forum are particularly impressive from there in the evenings.

? At the end of the Roman Forum
Get a great sense of the massiveness of the ancient Roman empire by overlooking the collapsed temples and majestic arches. One of the loveliest and best crowd-free spots to get an amazing shot is easy to get to. We recommend going in the early evening. You just have to walk up Via di San Pietro in Carcere from Via dei Fori Imperiali.

? Via dei Coronari – Castel Sant’Angelo
Between the end of Piazza Navona and the bridge to Castel Sant’Angelo, Via dei Coronari is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful streets in Roma. It is fully pedestrianized so you won’t have any cars in your photos. Be sure to have a peek in all the alleyways because there are some charming photo spots. One of our favorites is the one with the impeccable little staircase next to Gelateria del Teatro.

? Up Sunset Bar on the Rinascente Rooftop
When in Rome do what the Romans do. There is something quite charming about an aperitif on a Roman rooftop with the gorgeous colors of the sunset and colorful buildings and monuments in the background. Admire the Eternal City’s incredible skyline over a drink. And lucky for us, Up Sunset Bar is one of the few rooftops that stay open all year round.

? The Rooftop of Eitch Borromini
Reservations are pretty much a must but are so worth it when you arrive at this gorgeous rooftop just an hour before sunset. The sight of domes and beautiful terraces is simply put incredible. But what is really special about this rooftop is that it offers a very special view of bell towers and Piazza Navona, the place we like to think of as one of the most beautiful places to discover the rival between Borromini and Bernini.

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