Best Restaurants in Rome

24.11.2019 - 31.12.2022

It is easy for visitors to Rome to eat at the touristy, not so great restaurants. But it should also be easy for them to indulge in the goodness that Roman cuisine has to offer. Cucina Romana (Roman cuisine) is known for its simple ingredients, and for the most heavenly antipasti, classic primi and hearty secondi. The best spots to dine at are trattoria and osteria which are family-run, no-frills kind of places. So you are not wasting valuable time wandering bella Roma on the hunt for the best trattoria, we’ve listed our favorites.

? Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina
Dining at the deli-restaurant “Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina” is a must while in the Eternal City. It boasts being an eatery serving Italian fare, plus it is a bakery, deli counter & wine shop. Located just steps from Campo de’ Fiori, the restaurant serves Roman dishes, a delectable array of fresh cheeses, meats and pickled products. Roscioli is beloved by food critics and travelers, so we highly recommend it and suggest reservations.

? Trattoria Da Enzo al 29
“Trattoria Da Enzo al 29” is a lovely family-run trattoria located in medieval Trastevere. It has become well-known so people will wait for hours to get a table at the charming locale. They serve traditional Roman dishes like fried artichokes, carbonara and more delights. It is a nice atmosphere to eat in if you don’t mind the waiting time. (Address: Via dei Vascellari, 29)

? Trattorio Da Teo
“Trattorio Da Teo” is another good traditional Trastevere restaurant and has the additional benefit of being able to book your table online. The terrace on the edge of the quiet square offers outstandingly nice seating. Reservations recommended! Try the amatriciana, gricia or traditional cacio e pepe pastas. (Address: Piazza dei Ponziani, 7A)

? Flavio al Velavevodetto
“Flavio al Velavevodetto” has won over its customers with its delightfully creamy cacio e pepe. Other musts are the fried, breaded, marinated lamb cutlets and the prosciutto di Parma. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the scrumptious tiramisu. The venue is much larger than other trattorias and offers two indoor dining rooms. In one of them, you can see the remains of the broken terracotta Ancient Roman jars that depict Monte Testaccio Hill. (Address: Monte dei Cocci Hill in Testaccio)

? Trattoria Monti
“Trattoria Monti” is an intimate, traditional restaurant that serves rich dishes influenced by the Le Marche region. Personalized service is expected in the cozy space, along with the delicious, heavy pasta dishes. Indulge in foods that the locals visit for decadently layered eggplant parmigiana. Or go for the pollo alla cacciatore or quail with shaved truffles.

? La Tavernaccia da Bruno
“La Tavernaccia da Bruno” is really one of the best places to eat in Trastevere. It is away from the crowds but very popular. Enjoy the arched stone interior with a rustic feel and a constantly changing menu that’s full of traditional Roman recipes. These classic dishes are executed perfectly. The savory bacon and salty cheeses are simply alluring. Try the porchetta, natural wines, and more artisanal products. (Address: Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 63)

? Trattoria Vecchia Roma
“Trattoria Vecchia Roma” is especially adored by locals. If you really want to experience what the locals eat, ask for Roman white pizza, which is seasoned on the surface with oil and salt. You can add salami, cheeses, vegetables. Another local favorite is the coda alla vaccinara (oxtail in tomato sauce). And if you order the Bucatini Amatriciana Flambè, you’ll have the pleasure of watching the server incorporate the cheese into the pasta sitting in a cheese wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano. (Address: Via Ferruccio, 12)

? Da Benito e Gilberto
A stone’s throw from the Vatican walls, “Da Benito e Gilberto” serves an irresistible array of raw and cooked seafood and pasta dishes. The cozy, nautically-themed dining room offers a selection of enticing French and Irish oysters. Dine in a place where celebrities have relished dining at over the last 40 years. Save space for the housemade crostata which is a wonderful apricot or berry pie.

? Osteria Fratelli Mori
“Osteria Fratelli Mori” serves Roman cuisine in a very relaxed environment with menu items that will have you coming back for more. Look out for the meatballs, pastas, artichokes, and tasty woodfire pizzas that are a beautiful combo of Roman and Neapolitan style. Ingredients are from the market. Local suppliers and the wines are mostly of the Lazio region.

? Seu Pizza Illuminati
“Seu Pizza Illuminati” is a contemporary pizzeria widely recognized as one of the best in the ancient city. Expect neon lights, modern décor to compliment your gourmet Neapolitan pizza baked to precision. You can even have pizza for dessert – pizza with strawberry coulis, whipped ricotta, candied almonds and fresh mint.

? Osteria da Fortunata
“Osteria da Fortunata” has prices that are a bit higher than usual but we promise the food is so worth it! Apart from its classic menu items, the seasonal specials of the day are to die for. If you visit during late spring or summer you are just in time to try the amazing carbonara with zucchini flowers. For your second course try the straccetti (beef strips) with arugula and Parmesan or the coniglio alla cacciatora (rabbit stew).

Whichever restaurant, trattoria or osteria you’ll choose, we believe you will have a great experience and find the right place for you. ? Bon appétite.

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