Karakorum / Wassermanns Fiebertraum / Caged Wolves


chilling Events presents

Karakorum beams the Kraut-Sound of the early 1970’s directly in the present and takes the listener on an intergalactic journey … in a time where the sounds were rough and heavy, the grass was greener and the spirit of the hippies was not buried in the vault of commerce.
The young German quintet creates soundsscapes and catches this almost forgotten spirit in their very own way.

Looking for oneself, for oneself in the other and for the other in oneself – The songs on Wassermanns Fiebertraum Drittling “MOSAIK” revolve around different psychic, emotional and social experiences, which all define a person, influence, parts of form him, which are composed like a mosaic and give existence, but also disintegrate and rearrange themselves, in an everlasting process. Nothing stays as it was.

Musically, the group moves to “MOSAIK” in the field of tension between alternative, post and progressive rock. It adds more vocals, electronic and percussive components to a new, multi-faceted soundscape, which ranges from fragile, decelerated moments to driven, energetic outbursts. Pop, vocal-centered elements meet experimental, instrumental passages in an analogue, vintage-like sound design.

Caged Wolves is Alternative Stoner with a doomy afterglow.
A note sounds, new dimensions are broken. Emotions and amplifiers run hot, the outbreak of the norm, chaos burrows inside and demands liberation. The bass captivates you, buzzing with old wisdom in a modern shell. Spherical guitars break through everyday dryness, leaving a sense of calm until the beat of the drums picks them up and pushes them forward, followed by the howling of the wolves.

€ 10 AK
€ 8 VVK pickup (soundbase – youth info)


Weberknecht, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Wien, Österreich


8 - 10 EUR

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