Microbeer Festival – An intimate festival of craft beers

09.11.2019 - 10.11.2019

Are you fed up with festivals where there are delicious beers, but you have to drink them standing up in an unheated hall? If so, this festival is for you. There is an opportunity to try this year’s news and enrich your knowledge on interesting discussion panels. We have a large banquet hall, a barbecue garden and the main pub room at our disposal. Cheers!

Place: Browar Anarchia, Cechowa 100A, Kraków, Poľsko
Date: 9. – 10.11.2019
Starts: 4 PM – 12 PM
Admission: Free
+48 883 502 752 or browaranarchia@gmail.com


Browar Anarchia Sp. Z O.o., Cechowa 100A, Kraków, Poľsko



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