Puppet Festival

09.10.2019 - 17.10.2019

A Puppet Festival aims since the beginning of the domestic and foreign state-sponsored and independent puppet exciting search for new ways to present lectures in the capital. During the event, which has become more and more prestigious over the years, many great companies have hosted their performances, some of which were fresh presentations, and some that were first seen by the Budapest audience during this festival. Since 2016, the festival has been supplemented by a theater education professional day, which provides an opportunity to map out the theater education work in Hungarian puppet theaters and to exchange experiences between professionals. This year’s Budapest Puppet Theater celebrating its 70th birthday presents its audience with the opportunity to attend the X. PUPPY Festival has invited some of the most renowned international productions of the genre alongside domestic companies. The series opens with the theater’s first premiere, the Moon Boat Premiere.

Place: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 69.
Date: October, Thursday 8- Thursday 17, 2019
Admission: 5-7€
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Budapest, Andrássy út 69, 1062 Hungary


5 - 7 EUR

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