Paganini Concert by Gabriele Pieranunzi


Music by R. Schumann, J. Brahms, N. Paganini, M. Ravel
Gabriele Pieranunzi, violin
Massimo Giuseppe Bianchi, piano

A program whose protagonist is certainly the vein of virtuosity in its noblest meaning.
Paganini was one of the greatest (if not the greatest) virtuosos in history, one of the iconic figures of the 1800s, a sort of modern pop star, who sparked the popular imagination of half of Europe
He, Clara Schumann, and Franz Liszt, they have given life to the modern figure of the concert performer, creating among other things the formula of the „Recital“ to which we are still used.

His songs have influenced subsequent musical compositions starting from those of Schumann and Brahms.
Schumann built a piano accompaniment of his 24 fancies for violin.
Brahms wrote variations on the theme of the famous caprice n.24 for in La min. for violin only.
And just Brahms, again in this evening’s concert, we can connect to Ravel
‚s Tzigane : La Tzigane was dedicated to an extraordinary Hungarian naturalized English violinist, Jelly D’arany.
The style of this acrobatic piece is decidedly Hungarian and Brahms was a great scholar and observer of Hungarian folk music, from which the very famous dances.
Jelly On arany, also dedicatee of the two sonatas by Bartok for violin and piano, was the grandson of Joseph Joachim, another great virtuoso, and a friend of Brahms, who helped and inspired with respect to the writing of compositions for violin and viola

R. Schumann Intermezzo from the FAE Sonata
J. Brahms Sonata No. 1 in G major m.78
N. Paganini La Campanella, Round Op.7
M. Ravel Tzigane, Concert Rhapsody for Violin and

Entrance / Ticket € 15.00 – reduced € 10.00 (reserved for members, under-18s, over-65s and university and conservatory students as long as they have a booklet)

Free reservation service (highly recommended)
Crypt of the Church of Santa Lucia del Gonfalone
via delle Carceri, 8 – Rome

info and reservations:
Tel .: + 39 3334571245

Location: Cripta della Chiesa di Santa Lucia del Gonfalone, Via delle Carceri, 8, Rome
Date: October 13
Time: 19:30
Cost: 10-15 Euros


Via delle Carceri, 8, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


10 EUR

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