Chestnut Festival

05.10.2019 - 03.11.2019

Brown and reddish pigments have already colored the green leaves of the chestnut tree, the smell of fire is slipped between the walls of the village, roasted chestnuts crackle like children in celebration and the paintings in the churches await and invite to ecstasy.

It’s autumn in Vallerano, the town of the Chestnut DOP. An authentic casket that opens up liberating beauty and culture, like a hedgehog does with the chestnut, leaving us already foretaste its intense autumn flavor.

At lunch and dinner you can eat in the characteristic cellars dug by hand in the tuff, with excellent menus based on typical local products.

The festival program will be enriched by the antique and craft markets. In Piazza della Repubblica you can enjoy roasted chestnuts organized by the festival. The visitor can be accompanied by valid tourist guides to know the history of the country and its numerous and remarkable artistic and cultural beauties.

At a chestnut factory, modern chestnut and chestnut processing techniques can be observed live.
The festive atmosphere will be enriched every day by folk groups, historical processions and musical groups that will perform in the square and in the historical center.

The Amici della Castagna in collaboration with the Archaeological Group of Vallerano will organize a walk among the ancient chestnut groves and sites of historical interest. In the historic center you can enter the old cellars where chestnuts were processed. In some rooms of the historic center the works of various local artists of remarkable skill will be exhibited and book presentations will be held.

There will also be these wine cellars open to enjoy artisan wines and even some specialty menus:
La Cantina Amici della Castagna
La Bettala
Cantina Polisportiva Monti Cimini
Cantina della Stoppa

INSIDER TIP: At the roast chestnut area you will have all the information you need to fully experience the festival.

Location: Vallerano, VT, Italy
Date: October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 & November 1, 2, 3
Time: 10am
Cost: Free entry to festival


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