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11.03.2020 - 31.12.2022

We would like to take you out and show you places to walk in Bratislava.

1. Vineyards Rača
Walking around the wine yards in Rača is a perfect way to relax on a sunny weekend day. You get to enjoy stunning views, a whole lot of nature, fresh air and get in the lovely atmosphere of the wine yards. You can get to Rača by walking from Koliba, through Ahoj and ending up at the Wine yards. You can also get there by taking a train from 5 minutes to Bratislava Vinohrady stop or a tram number 3, that leaves from the city. You should not get lost, but if you are new to the city, best check if your Google maps are working properly. ☺

2. Dvořákovo nánbrežie
Taking a lovely walk from the Most SNP (or even from Starý Most, if you feel like taking a proper long walk.:)) to the Lafranconi bridge has it’s charm, especially in this season. The views over the Danube, the Bratislava Castle and River Park make for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And when you’ll feel cold and tired, stop by at the RIVERBANK restaurant, where Jaro Žídek, one of the best chefs in Slovak and the Czech Republic will prepare for you some delicious meal and drinks to warm you up. 🙂

3. Horský Park
Horský Park makes for a place to come and take a break from the busy city life and recharge in nature. Horský Park is home to a wonderful piece of nature that looks just fantastic during every season. It is located just a few minutes from the city center, where you can get by taking the trolleybus 207 from Hodžovo námestie in the direction of Železná studienka. We promise you, you will enjoy it there very much.

4. Železná studienka
If you are looking for a long walk in nature, Železná studienka and Koliba might be just the right fit for you. You can take a slow, relaxing walk all the way from Koliba to Železná studienka or the other way around, making for a great Saturday or Sunday afternoon, spent with friends or family, that won’t basically cost you a thing.

5. Bratislava Castle
One place you should not avoid during any season is the Bratislava Castle. You can start the walk in the Old Town, enjoying the atmosphere of the city, people-watch and chatting with friends. You can get to the Bratislava castle by taking stairs that lead from the Most SNP to the top of the castle, passing by the historical buildings. If you are out of breath in the middle of the “climb”(it did happen to us.:D) or you just want to savor the moment and enjoy the view, stop at the steps to take pictures of Bratislava. You will definitely enjoy the view.

We hope some of those tips will help you decide where to go for a walk in Bratislava.

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