Day of Open Cubicles on the Vltava’s River Embankment


The revitalization of the Náplavkas (Rašínovo embankment and Hořejší emb.) is coming to the end and its passers-by, citizens and visitors of Prague, are invited to visit its freshly opened cubicles. Some of the cubicles will be operated by the „ current“ operators Bajkazyl, Avoid Gallery, Zyos, Prague Steamboat Company, Calm Down Production. Cubicle no 5 on Rašínovo embankments will be operated by Tiskárna na Vzduchu; new tenants on Hořejší embankment will be Cibulák Coffee, a DIY studio, Šafy Production and Municipal Library in Prague.

Place: Rašínovo nábřeží, Praha 2
Date: 23.10.2019
Time: 11:00
Admission: free


Rašínovo nábřeží, Nové Město, Česko



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