Synthfest Slovakia 2019


The next year of a great and popular feature-length festival will take place on October 19, 2019 in the Hopkirk club in Bratislava. The theme of 2019 is a tour of current active music synth projects in a wider framework, from classical synth creation, through modern and experimental styles to trendy retro synthwave, with the participation of foreign music guests from neighboring countries. At the festival, the sellers and distributors of musical instruments will also present a full range of fantastic novelties and retro instruments that can be tested and won in the raffle.

20:00 The Silence
21:00 Zagami Jericho (CZ)
22:00 Black Nail Cabaret (HU)
23:00 Grawlix
00:00 Favorit89 (PL)

Place: Hopkirk, chillout and culture bar
Date: 19.10.2019
Time: 17:00
Admission: 8€


Hopkirk bar, Karpatská, Bratislava, Slovakia



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