Disney Quiz!


Not many things are remembered in our memory as much as the works of Disney. From beloved Mickey Mouse from an early age, through the story of Snow White and all other princesses, to the most beautiful lessons learned from brave Mulan, Pocahontas with a golden heart or the best leader – the Lion King. The quiz is a bar game originating from Great Britain, during which participants, usually divided into teams of 2-6 people, compete with each other by answering questions. Quizzes can be associated with popular game shows such as „One of Ten“ or „Millionaires“. This time we will quiz from the fairytale world of Disney!

Place: Browar Lubicz Lubicz 17J, Krakov
Date: 13.10.2019
Starts: 5 PM – 7 PM
Admission: 2-3€
+48 12 420 79 66 or info@questionone.pl


Browar Lubicz, Lubicz 17J, Kraków, Poľsko


2-3 EUR

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