Fashion show: Unspeakable. History of lingerie 1800-1950


Unspeakable, reforms, busters, inexpressive … They used to be a barrier protecting expensive silks against an unclean body, they supported kilograms of lace and gave the figure the desired shape. Today we are no longer ashamed to talk about underwear – that’s why we invite you on a journey through the evolution of panties and ways to support the bust, Victorian rack madness, different varieties of garter belts as well as night, boudoir and beach dresses!

Place: PTG „Sokół“ Kraków Piłsudskiego 27, Krakov
Date: 12.10.2019
Starts: 1 PM – 2:30 PM
Admission: 3€
+48 12 421 80 55 or


Pilsudskiego 27, Krakov, Poľsko



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