TOP things to do in Budapest

22.09.2019 - 31.12.2021

Budapest is a beautiful city. While visiting Budapest I believe these are the things you need to start with. I will be glad to show you further the top things to do and see in Budapest.

☀️ Fisherman Bastion and the Area of the Buda Castle
I believe this must be the number one destination if you visit Budapest. Not just because of the insane panoramic view, which can be enjoyed from Fisherman Bastion, but because this place immediately brings you to a fairy tale – thanks to the magical towers and surroundings, and you can easily feel like a princess (or a prince ? ). Never miss to go into the Mathias Church or to take a walk at Toth Arpad setany and watch either a sunset or a sunrise from there.

? Buda Castle
Buda Castle sits on the top of the Castle district, which is famous for its medieval and baroque houses and churches. The castle itself is a pretty attractive building, but you will love the most the picturesque view, which you can have to Pest side. The Hungarian National Gallery is moved to Buda Castle in 1975, so you can visit many great exhibitions too. There are more ways to reach the castle, you can take a gentle walk or use the funny Buda Castle Funicular.

? The Castle Garden
It was built between 1875 and 1883. After several years of blooming it was shut down in 1984 and it needed to wait till 2011 for its full reconstruction. Today it is shining again in its original beauty. It holds several classical music events, but during summertime, it is working as an open-air cinema too.

☀️ Citadella
Citadella is located upon the Gellert hill and was a fortress a long ago. This place holds strategic importance in Budapest’s military history. Another great place to visit for a panoramic view.

? Elisabeth Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Freedom Bridge
You should visit all of them. I can not even decide which one is my favorite. But the good thing is, that they are all very close to each other, so you can visit all of them. ?

? Saint Stephen Basilica
The street and its square in front of the basilica are my favorite in the city. It has an amazing vibe with its monumental size and view to the church. Do not miss to go in and then to go up and take as many pictures as you want ? It is simply stunning.

☀️ Parliament
I guess no explanation is needed why you should see the house of Parliament. However, if you are there, do not forget to visit the shoes on the Danube Promenade. Approximately 20,000 Jews were brutally shot along the banks of the Danube River. The victims were forced to remove their shoes at gunpoint and face their executioner before they were shot without mercy. These shoes are a haunting tribute to this horrific time in history, created by the film director Can Togay and the sculptor, Gyula Pauer.

?Budapest’s thermal baths
Budapest is often called “the city of spas”. Indeed this city has several natural amazing and healing warm spas. The two most famous ones are Szechenyi thermal bath and Gellert thermal bath. In case you want to visit a less touristic one I suggest you check Lukacs Baths, Veli Bej, Paskál bath.

Wishing you an amazing time! ?

? @peter.rajkai


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