Carbonara Challenge

10.09.2019 - 30.09.2019

Il Maritozzo Rosso: Carbonara Spaghetti Challenge is here!

From September 10, until the end of the month, the challenge returns to the last plate of carbonara from Il Maritozzo Rosso. Ben 20 days to challenge to those who eat more in the shortest possible time.

Il Maritozzo Rosso is a cooking laboratory in Trastevere and for this reason everything is sold in kg, eating Carbonara by weight every day. It is the customers themselves, in fact, who choose whether to taste 80, 120, 160 or 200 grams of spaghetti or tonnarelli alla carbonara , rigorously homemade, kneaded and seasoned with Peppovo eggs, the pillow of the Azienda Coccia di Viterbo and the pecorino Roman Dop AgriIn.

To each, therefore, the quantity of pasta carbonara desired , always and in any case with the same characteristic: the goodness from the first to the last forkful.

“It’s super good, it’s a lot and that’s why we decided to realize this challenge, already born in the first edition in collaboration with Lardo for young people”

How the challenge works
Those who eat 1 kg of Spaghetti, do not pay (otherwise they pay a participation price of 38 euros).

In the first edition, the enterprise of eating 1 kg of spaghetti succeeded in only one boy with the time of 18 minutes and 23 seconds. Anyone who beats this record will win an aperitif for 2 (on another day) based on savory marriages, paired with the beers from La Casa di Cura, offered by us.

The challenge will take place, by reservation, at the bistro, for lunch or dinner.

Location: Il Maritozzo Rosso – Vicolo del Cedro, 26
Date: Whole month of September
Cost: 38 Euros
Contacts: 06.5817363 (whatsapp 380.7562525)


Il Maritozzo Rosso - Maritozzi e Cucina, Vicolo del Cedro, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


38 EUR

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