Roma Comic Off 2019

10.09.2019 - 29.09.2019

ROME COMIC OFF – the festival of comedy of the Capital
V edition

For the fifth consecutive year, the ROMA COMIC OFF festival brings to the stage a long series of comedy shows, from 10 to 29 September.
10 theaters, 50 shows, each replicated for two consecutive nights for a total of over 100 replicas, and the public’s vote to declare the winner of the prize pool (€ 6,000). The many participating shows are staged by actors, actresses and companies from all over Italy.

There are numerous rooms involved, mostly located in the Testaccio district, particularly suited to the art of theater, or in areas immediately adjacent to it: Artemia Cultural Center, Documentation Theater, Marconi Theater, Petrolini Theater, Portaportese Theater, Le Salette Theater, Teatro de Servants, Lo Spazio Theater, Testaccio Theater and Trastevere Theater. Among the novelties of the 2019 edition is the participation, as host theater, of the very central Teatro de ‘Servi, as well as the Marconi and Le Salette theaters, for a total of 10 theaters and 12 theaters.

The festival is happily grafted onto the rich theatrical fabric of the lively district and the immediately surrounding areas: a dense network of small and medium-sized theaters that in recent years has been able to retain an increasing number of people in the art of theater, and that adheres now with enthusiasm to the project of a festival entirely dedicated to the universe of the comic. A real cultural network that, through this common planning, intends to promote and enhance talents and excellence of Italian theater, with an eye to young people and their precious commitment.

The event is structured in a series of contemporary shows (over 50 participating companies, up to 12 shows each night, each replicated for two consecutive nights), hosted in each of the numerous participating halls. Several choices: from comedy to cabaret, from comic monologue to musical comedy.
The extreme variety of the participating shows is divided, for the new edition, into two macro-categories: Comedies and One (Wo) man Show.

To decree the winning performances, a tripartite mechanism: the vote of the public, the vote of an apparatus of critics and professionals, and the vote of the directors of the hosting theaters. The awarding criteria are available on the event website (, under the heading Participate.

Among the important innovations of the fifth edition there is a rich series of prizes, including a cash prize of € 6000:
– 1st prize of the COMEDY section (BCC Rome prize): 2000 €
– 1st prize of the ONE section (WO) MAN SHOW (Problem Solving award): € 1000
– the ANDREA LEONE Prize, equal to € 3000, awarded at the discretion of the producer Andrea Leone to one of the participating companies;
– the Teatro de ‘Servi and Teatro Roma prizes, which will allow the winning performances to be included in the programming of the relative theater. These prizes are awarded at the discretion of the directors of each theater / festival;
– the Julio Solinas cup, assigned by the organization to a particularly distinguished actress or actor;
– a series of ten commendations (best show; best text; best director; best leading actor; best leading actress; best supporting actor; best supporting actress; best set design; best costumes; best music).

Locations: Various locations listed above.
Date: September 10-29
The price of the tickets, fixed for all the rooms involved, is 10 € + 2 € for a ticket / presale.


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


12 EUR

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