The Plastic People of the Universe


The Czech underground cult band The Plastic People of the Universe is coming to Bratislava at the invitation of Convergences Festival, with its programme Leading Horses. The project originally dates from 1981, when its artistic shape was defined by the band’s two dynamic personalities, bass guitarist Milan “Mejla” Hlavsa (music) and Vratislav Brabenec (poetry, vocals). In 2014 the work took on a new form, in an orchestral arrangement by Michal Nejtek.

Place: Mestské Divadlo P. O. Hviezdoslava, Laurinská 19, Bratislava
Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Starts: at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
Admission: 20 Eur


Mestské divadlo P. O. Hviezdoslava, Laurinská, Staré Mesto, Slovensko


20 EUR

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