Top Romantic places in Bratislava

29.09.2019 - 31.12.2021

Feels like the beginning of Autumn in Bratislava. We think there is something magical and very romantic about the season of colorful leaves, the smell of chestnuts on streets, gloomy but cozy weather. If you are wondering how and where to spend a lovely romantic date, we have a few tips for you.

? Slavín
While the weather is still good-ish with warm evenings, we would like to suggest Slavín. You can look forward to great views over the capital, nice sunsets, very special atmosphere, and not that many people. You can get there by public transportation from Hodžovo námestie with 207 and you get off at the Búdková stop, from where you’ll walk for a couple of minutes. Just remember, that Slavín is still a memorial for fallen soldiers. It’s important to be respectful while enjoying the special atmosphere of this place.

? Horský Park
Horský Park is also a fantastic place to take your spouse or date for a nice and romantic walk. The great feeling of being in nature and calmness makes not just for a great date spot, but is also great for couples who need a break from busy city life.

? Dvořákovo nábrežie
There are only a few places that feel extremely romantic during Autumn, one of them is Dvořákovo nábrežie. Get a coffee, hot cocoa or tea and enjoy the walk. You can stroll from the SNP bridge towards Lafranconi and back, enjoying a relaxing time by the river, colorful Autumn leaves and each others company without distractions, Dvořákovo nábrežie is the perfect fit for your next romantic evening. RIVERBANK Restaurant offers a wide array of dishes from seasonal local ingredients which will surely surprise your taste buds. Make sure to savor their Cascara drink made from coffee cherry, restaurant’s signature autumn special. If you wish to surprise your beloved with something memorable, Sunday Brunch would be an excellent option too.

? Bratislava castle
If you are a fan of great city views, a little bit of history and walking around, Bratislava castle will make for a great date spot. You can not only enjoy the great views for a few minutes but have a sit on a bench and have a nice, romantic and relaxed evening, that won’t break the bank. If you wish to have a drink or even a dinner, try Zeitlos, with an outdoor terrace that has an amazing view over the major part of Bratislava.
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? Mondieu
When we are talking about romantic spots for a date, we have to mention a good spot for a delicious dinner topped by a yummy dessert. Mondieu is such a place, where you won’t find only great food, but also good variety of drinks, cozy atmosphere and great service. You will find 4 Mondieu restaurants at Laurinská a Pánska street, right in the center of the Old Town. Bon appetit. ☺
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? Skybars
There are several sky bars in Bratislava that offer a fantastic view of the city, great service and delicious food paired with amazing drinks. We suggest you these 4 that we think have the best views and meals that will make for a truly special evening with your special someone – Outlook Bar & Lounge that is located on the 13th floor of Lindner Hotel Gallery Central, Sky Bar that you will find at Hviezdoslavovo námestie, UFO watch.taste.groove that is on the top of the Most SNP or UFO and last, but not least the Altitude a.s. Brasseria that you can find at the Kamzík TV tower. What you have to do now, is to only choose the perfect spot for a perfect date.:)

? The Botanical garden
The Bratislava botanical garden is a lovely place with a very pleasant and calm atmosphere and great energy. Imagine exploring new hidden treasure in the middle of the city, learning about new and interesting plants and having a little corner where you can steal a kiss or two.:) The garden is open daily from 9 to 6 pm (1.4 – 31.10) and feels different in each season. The ticket is 3 euro per person. Plus it makes for a perfect and super photogenic spot.

? Danubiana museum
Danubiana makes for a great date spot if both of you enjoy art, spending time at the water, having a glass of wine or good coffee. It is located around 15km from the city center and you can get there by car or by public transport ( bus number 90) The entrance fee for a whole day of art and amazing atmosphere is 10 euro and the gallery is opened from 10:00 until 18:00. You can find out more about Danubiana museum, current exhibitions, art shop and others at their website

We believe you will find a perfect spot for your next date and that we inspired you. Remember, you don’t have to celebrate love and enjoy special, romantic evening only on Valentine or anniversary. Every day can be a Valentine, with the right plans and right spot.:)

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