Commando Family – Family run with obstacles


There are runs for adults, there are runs for kids. And we are taking a step forward and invite you to the run for whole families – the Commando Family will take place on September 15! Your team can have a maximum of 5 people – two parents and three children, and on the 2 km route we will check your teamwork: adults and kids must work together to overcome all obstacles. We guarantee that you will not miss the mud loved by everyone, obstacles will not be easy, our photographers will bravely document you in action, and at the finish everyone will get a unique medal! ️

Place: Poligon Pasternik Kraków, Poland
Date: 15.9.2019
Start: 10 AM – 4 PM
Admission: 0-20€


Pasternik, Kraków, Poľsko


0-20 EUR

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