Metronomy | Stockholm


Joe Mount originally jokingly named his project METRONOMY after the metronome. That is, the mechanical or electronic instrument that delivers a fixed rate at the desired tempo. Over time, however, the name has proven almost prophetic. For regardless of whether the music has been crisp disco pop, a smooth jazz funk or dreamy west coast rock, the solid pulse has always been present. Now, Metronomy is up to date again with the upcoming album Metronomy Forever, and on October 31 they will come to Kraken to give a much-awaited concert.

Place: Kraken Sthlm, Rökerigatan 1D, 121 62 Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 31st October 2019
Start: 7 PM
Admission: 30 Euros
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Kraken, Rökerigatan, Johanneshov, Sweden


30 EUR

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