Shakespeare Horror Story

08.08.2019 - 25.08.2019

The art theater takes its voice from 7 to 25 August in Rome, in the seat of the Museo Canonica di Villa Borghese , with the performances of Shakespeare Horror Story, an itinerant theatrical review by the Messina director Daniele Gonciaruk, who, together with the students of the Capitoline schools Fondamenta Teatro, Bordeaux Academy and International Academy of Theater, will accompany the viewer on an ideal and physical journey through the various rooms of the museum, made the stage for the most famous pages of Macbeth, Otello, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, Hamlet.

This year’s debut
The show will debut on August 7th at Villa Borghese (Museo Canonica) , with replicas up to 25 from Wednesday to Sunday, and, as already happened in the city of the Strait, will welcome only fifty spectators per evening. To book tickets, please contact the Canonica Museum directly. The initiative is part of the program of the Roman Summer promoted by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth, and sees the collaboration of the Capitolina Superintendency for cultural heritage and the contribution of the Head of events and cultural activities of the Carla Scicchitano Museum.

An author’s idea
A dramaturgy born from the union between the history of the places and the history of the best world dramaturgy , Shakespeare Horror Story, a theatrical show by Daniele Gonciaruk – a Messina-born director and actor of Russian origins – takes shape from the first edition of 2016, a unique exhibition of its kind, for the specificity of being a complete sensory and cognitive experience, both for the careful choice of places and for the ways of representation. Through an ideal and physical path, the viewer is totally immersed in the dramatic context of the work, completely „included“ in the events that follow. Shakespeare Horror Story, as the title suggests, is in fact a journey into the most bloody pages of the tragedies of the Bard, of which the viewer will discover the beauty and charm from within

Structure of the show
The show takes place in historic places, in which the spectator is put in the condition to breathe the atmospheres and the suggestions of the architecture, parallel to those of the represented events, so that the feelings put into play find perfect correspondence in the open or closed spaces of iconic monuments of the host city. The work, according to its original formula, will touch the various rooms of the museum, including the ground floor which houses the artist’s studio, where you can admire a copy of the stele for the Paisello monument – one of his last works – and all work tools. The public, accompanied by an actor-guide, will pass through the stories of Macbeth, Otello, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, Hamlet and – to act as a thread – the story of Tito Andronico,

The history of the piece
From Messina to Rome today, to touch in the future other evocative places of our Peninsula, designed to accommodate the greatness of the Shakespearean theater. The first installation in Messina also bears a symbolic meaning , in homage to the legend that attributes Shakespeare to Messina origins,as a descendant of the Scrollalanza family. The current edition of Shakespeare Horror Story, which returns to its first directorial conformation, was born, as has already happened in Messina, from a training course, a Shakespearean masterclass entitled „the body, the voice, the deception“, focused on the main tragedies of the Bardo, which took place in recent weeks in Rome, and which involved a group of student actors selected from three major capitoline acting schools: Fondamenta Teatro (with the Gonciaruk masterclass), the Accademia Bordeaux and the International Theater Academy. The masterclass also made use of the contribution of the Japanese master Hal Yamanouchi who, together with Daniele Gonciaruk, led the boys in this path of knowledge and study of Shakespearean material

Location: Villa Borghese, Rome.
Date: August 7-25
Cost: 15 Euros
For info and reservations contact 3932424100
Note: The facility has accessibility for disabled people.


Villa Borghese, Piazzale Napoleone I, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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