David Garrett


David Garrett is one of the best violinists of our time who feels equally at home when he performs famous classic compositions with the top orchestras as he does when he plays rock hits in the most amazing venues. Admired by millions of fans worldwide, he has won 23 gold and 16 platinum awards in countries like Hong Kong, Germany, and Singapore, amongst others. David Garrett brings together the charisma of a rock star with the innate and prodigious gift he has as the best instrumentalist of our time. In Prague, hew will stop within the Unlimited Tour 2019.

Place: Českomoravská 17, Praha 9
Date: 1. 10. 2019
Time: 20:00
Admission: 70€
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Českomoravská 17, Praha 9-Libeň, Česko


70 EUR

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