Vegan Dips & Bread Spreads


What’s better than a good recipe? Dozen recipes! Or even more!…Recipes that don’t even exist until YOU create them in your own kitchen. Cream cheese? Melted Cheddar Cheese dip? Egg-like Bred Spread? You’ve got this! Learn how to make really delicious plant-based bread spreads on spot – no matter when, no matter what form. Cause that is how real life looks like in the kitchen. Not only will you be able to save your time and food waste but also use veggies to the fullest enjoying an unlimited number of tasty dips for sandwiches, bowls, wraps, salads, and dipping!

Place: Plant Base, Prenzlauer Allee 208, 10405 Berlin
Date: 3. September 2019
Start: 7 P.M.
Admission: 30 EUR
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Prenzlauer Allee 208, Berlín, Nemecko


30 EUR

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