Ineuroff, Festival of Urban Theater and Modern Circus

08.08.2019 - 29.08.2019

Will be the Monumental Staircase of the Museum of Roman Civilization at the Eur (08 and 09 August) and Piazza San Cosimato (29 August), to host INEUROFF , the Festival of Urban Theater and New Circus that for nine years entertains and excites the audience thanks to evocative theatrical works.

Connections & Passages is the theme of the 2019 summer edition, chosen by the artistic director Lorenzo Pasquali and Marco Paciotti for Ondadurto Teatro, with the aim of making artistic projects and urban spaces interact, make different cultures dialogue and make the viewer the protagonist bringing him closer to the action scenic. The natural setting will be the Colonnade of the Museum of Roman Civilization at the Eur.

The festival this year has an important recognition from the European Community within Contact Zones / with the support of Creative Europe.

Both the 8th and 9th of August at 9.45 pm, the world-renowned Teatro Urbano company, Ondadurto Teatro, will host its new production entitled Meraviglia! , already applauded for just three days at the ROMA EUROPA Festival. Directed by Marco Paciotti, with actors Valerio Marinaro, Giorgia Marras, Sara Mennella, Lorenzo Pasquali and Dario Vandelli, the original music of Stefano Saletti and the costumes of KB Project, Meraviglia is a surreal and dreamlike journey to rediscover the majesty of nature.

Emotional suggestions, grandiose machines – made by Dario Vandelli and designed by Lorenzo Pasquali and Massimo Carsetti – and surreal characters, through the physical theater, the nouveau cirque and the gesture, will provoke the spectator giving life to a visual language with a strong impact, capable of dialogue with people of all ages, ethnicities and cultures and reach an international audience.

To open the two evenings at 20.00 will be Amalia Franco with her Physical performance A Flower is not a flower , or the solid body. A work on the body and on the utopia of its stable form, each time disappointed by its fragility, and second painting by Trittico. Let go with grace.

Between one performance and another, it will also be possible to taste the aperitif of starred chef Cristina Bowerman , present with Ape Romeo Chef & Baker,

On August 29 in Trastevere instead from 16.00, in the historic Piazza di San Cosimato, the shows will streamline their form, in favor of an interaction with the spectators, occasional passers-by unaware of what is about to happen. International artists are coming, but also animated readings to make children active voices of narrated stories and workshops, among which the creative sewing one stands out.

Location: Museo della Civilta Romana & Piazza San Cosimato.
Date: August 8 & 9 starting at 19:30. August 29 starting at 16:00.


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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