Top-5 Things to do in Krakow this summer

07.08.2019 - 15.09.2019

Sadly, summer can’t be year-round for all of us. Since soon we all will be experiencing seasonal change, now it is time to catch the last of summer fun! There is plenty of outdoor activities during summer and you can use the opportunity to enjoy the end of the season with some unmissable things to do.

1. Visit the Zoo
Address: ul. Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa
The zoological garden in Krakow is a real gem and a must see place especially in summer! It is located in the Wolski Forest in 20 min by car or bus from the city center. The Zoo is located on seventeen hectares accommodating over 1400 animals, including 600 birds and 400 mammals, representing 285 species, 32 of them on the verge of extinction and 88 endangered.
It is a perfect place for walks, an oasis of peace for observing the beauties of nature!

2. Cycling in a picturesque path
One great alternative way to explore the city is by bike, especially when the weather is warm and sunny. Every year Kraków becomes more cyclist friendly and the number of bike rentals has increased as well as street cycle paths which are put throughout the city. So cycling now is very popular both among locals and tourists. Krakow has many picturesque bike routes. For a leisure ride, people often choose Vistula boulevards. That way you can reach the westernmost parts of Krakow, around Tyniec Abbey and the easternmost parts of Krakow. The route leads through the center of Krakow, by Wawel Castle and runs further to Niepolomice, passing through Nowa Huta.

3. Enjoy a movie outdoors
Outdoor movie screenings are a quintessential part of summer in Krakow. On multiple nights each week during summer 2019, locals and visitors can catch movies’ screenings in parks and other locations throughout the area. The good thing about open-air cinema is not only the fact that you can enjoy a summer film experience outdoors, but also that you are offered the opportunity to watch films that you missed last year, as well as film classics that you have always wanted to see. Watching a good movie under the stars of Krakow – is there really anything more beautiful during a warm summer night?

4. Have a picnic.
And what says summer better than a picnic? Whether it’s with family, friends, or both, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a blanket with your favorite foods, while enjoying the serene nature around you. Take advantage of long days and enjoy cool and calm shelter in your favourite park, where you also have the perfect setting for an aperitif picnic. Some lights, easy dishes that can be taken with you, chilled drinks, fresh fruit and some classy little cupcakes are all you need. As for me, my favorite park to have a picnic in Krakow is Jordana Park.

5. Visit the Botanical Garden
Address: 27 Kopernika street
A visit to the green oasis in the downtown is always a great idea for summertime. Especially, when it’s located in ten minutes walk from the city center. The Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University is a large complex (over 10 hectares) and the oldest botanical garden in Poland, established in 1873. This colourful oasis is home to over 5000 species of exotic plants, both Polish ones as well as from other countries around the world. Besides the fresh air and beautiful blooms, the gardens offer fascinating exhibits of medicinal plants, endangered species of Polish flora and plants described in the Bible.

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