Yummy vegan and vegetarian places in Bratislava

09.08.2019 - 31.12.2021

Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian, or you are just looking for a new place to try and enjoy a healthier, lighter meal, you might enjoy these following tips on what we think are best restaurants in Bratislava, that offer quality vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

? Mondieu Café:
Mondieu chain in Bratislava has created a new vegetarian and vegan menu, consisting of many delicious meals. Their new VEGET experience offers a big variety of yummy meals. You can start with chickpea-beetroot hummus with pomegranate and bread oil, continue with beef broth onion soup or quinoa with beetroot steak. They also offer a wide range of salads that you might enjoy. What is great about Mondieu Café is that you have several of them in the city center and every single location has a great and comfortable atmosphere, where you’ll feel like at home. If you want to check out their menu before you go, you can visit their website and see the whole menu in English, including the prices, stunning pictures and signage of what is vegan or vegetarian friendly meal.
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? Vegan Bar Bratislava
Vegan Bar in Bratislava offers a natural cuisine. When you visit this restaurant on Továrenska 4, you can be sure you will have a nice offer of good quality vegan meals to choose from. One of our favorites is the mac & cheese with cashews cream or the cream vegies soup. Everything they offer looks fantastic, is healthy and animal friendly. Vegan Bar offers a daily menu that consists of a soup, main dish and is a great fit for people who want to eat healthy and also with respect towards animals and the environment. The daily menu costs 5,20 euro. And if you have any space left after lunch, you can choose some delicious vegan dessert. Vegan Bar is opened from 11:00 until 17:00 on every working day of the week.

? Balans bistro
This bistro is not just about fantastic food. In Balans Bistro the whole philosophy is about being in peace with nature, living your life with respect towards all living creatures. All of their food is prepared with love and you can enjoy it every day of the week. You will find Balans Bistro at Živnostneská 2, opened every day from 11:00 til 21:00, apart from Sunday when they close a bit earlier at 20:00.

? Foodstock Bratislava
We can’t recommend you good places to eat in Bratislava and leave Foodstock Bratislava out. This lovely restaurant on Klobúčnícka street offers one of the best gyoza in the city. The setting of the restaurant is very welcoming, offering something between a restaurant and high quality, healthy option fast food. You can enjoy a big portion of delicious gyoza for 6,90. And whether you decide to eat it in the restaurant or have it take out and eat it outside on a nice garden or back home, is up to you. But we know, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

? Krumpla
Imagine having a huge potato stuffed with all sorts of great ingredients. The whole concept of Krumpla is quite innovative and offers quite a nice range of choices. You can find this new restaurant at one of the most favorite streets in Bratislava – Obchodná street. So after you have done your shopping, and all the city exploring, you might just end up visiting Krumpla.

? Petite Creperie – street creperia
Maybe you want something vegetarian, but have a little bit of a sweet tooth and at the same time want to keep on walking and exploring the city. Then the street creperia with their fabulous crepes might be just what you need. You can find them at Vysoká 22 from 11:00 until 20:00 every day, apart from Sunday. PS: They also offer a salty version of crepes and we are sure you can get a tasty vegetarian option.

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