Dance, work, twist


Do you want to experience what you have never experienced? In this case, you must not miss the first traditional non-traditional event Dance, work, twist. A unique experience of its kind in Slovakia, where you will experience a lot of music, dance, fashion, exercise and all on a folklore note. A creative combination of the new and old Slovak world is something you will not find anywhere else! 5 zones await you, each full of surprises. Sports on a ​folk note, experience a folklore tattoo studio or try the fitness of our grandfathers. What’s more, the accompanying program is packed with typical folklore energy. Take everyone who wants a unique experience and work for us.

Place: X-BIONIC® SPHERE, a.s., Dubová ulica 33/A, 931 01 Šamorín
Date: 21.9.2019
Time: 10:00
Admission: 6-10€
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X-BIONIC® SPHERE, Dubová, Šamorín-Čilistov, Slovakia


6-10 EUR

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