Love Sonnets of Shakespeare

20.07.2019 - 22.09.2019

Sonnets of love, a journey among the most beautiful sonnets of William Shakespeare is scheduled at the Silvano Toti Globe Theater from 20 July to 22 September in the so-called „Pomeriggi al Globe“.

Samuel Coleridge called Shakespeare „An androgynous mind“, an androgynous mind.​ In fact, no one like him knew how to speak of love by embracing masculine and feminine, carnal passion and sublimation, life and death. Just think of the fact that the first 126 sonnets are dedicated to the fair youth , an ambiguous young man and male narcissus, probably identifiable as Henry Wriothesley, third count of Southampton, patron and patron of Shakespeare; while the sonnets from 127 to 154 have as their fulcrum a mysterious Dark Lady, almost certainly the owner of a London brothel frequented by the Poet. What is the nature of love? What is the border between love and friendship?

How do passionate and ideal love differ? When can we talk about elective affinities? Shakespeare in his sonnets investigates all the possible aspects of love. And love itself thus becomes the instrument of excellenceto know oneself, the other, the world, poetry, beauty and transienceThe poet is a tireless witness to a world that no longer exists, a reality built with dedication, faith, expressive power, seriousness, competence and values indisputable. You can even go astray in the imaginary room of the great poet. There are few objects, the space is dense, filled with whispers and forgotten voices, memories of ancient interpretations, shadows in transit and dazzling reflections of light. The poet attends the future in everyday life, fights for the truth, falls into a swoon, trembles, faints for an instant and in that instant elaborates universes, dreams of the infinite and tries to decipher the grammar.

This is Shakespeare’s writing, „living“ writing, traced in the unconscious of its interpreters. This is his poem. This traveler of illusion and dream speaks a language of crystal, he measures himself with every possible reality, with every form of betrayal and, as from the bottom of a well, he struggles to speak to all the men still „alive“, still in love …. The room that houses this man and the shadows that accompany him, has large walls of smoke that suffer from the instability of dreams and therefore constantly change. Precisely because it is a „divine instrument“, precisely because it converses with the angels, the Poet must not only have fun, but he has the possibility of helping us to find our grace, our innocence, long cherished and regretted, inexorably erased by cynicism and by the superficiality of our daily life.

Location: Silvano Toti Globe Theater
Dates & Time: 20/07/2019 to 09/22/2019
20, 21, 26, 27, July 28 at 6.30 pm September 21st at 6.30 pm September 22 at 4.00 pm
Cost: From 8 to 32 euros
Info: More info


Silvano Toti Globe Theater Roma, Largo Aqua Felix, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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