Edarcom Europa Art Gallery

19.07.2019 - 07.09.2019

From 19 July to 7 September, the Edarcom Europa art gallery in via Macedonia 12 and 16 in Rome, presents a new installation for the summer. All the artists of the gallery in a single great exhibition to retrace the 45 years of activity just completed. Over 400 of paintings, graphics and sculptures by important 20th-century and contemporary authors will allow visitors to explore the different languages ​​and, possibly, to choose the work closest to their own sensitivity, taking advantage of special purchase conditions.

The gallery will be open at normal times (Monday to Saturday 10.30-13.00 and 15.30-19.30) until Saturday 3 August. From Monday 5 to Saturday 31 August it will always be possible to visit the gallery by appointment by writing to info@edarcom.it or by calling 06 7802620. The normal activity will resume on Monday 2 September.

WORKS: Ugo Attardi, Enrico Benaglia, Franz Borghese, Ennio Calabria, Angelo Camerino, Michele Cascella, Tommaso Cascella, Giuseppe Cesetti, Angelo Colagrossi, Roberta Correnti, Marta Czok, Mario Ferrante, Salvatore Fiume, Franco Fortunato, Felicita Frai, Franco Gentilini , Gianpistone, Emilio Greco, Renato Guttuso, Ivan Jakhnagiev, Franco Marzilli, Piero Mascetti, Maurizio Massi, Francesco Messina, Mauro Molle, Norberto, Sigfrido Oliva, Ernesto Piccolo, Giorgio Prati, Salvatore Provino, Domenico Purificato, Aldo Riso, Carlo Roselli, Sebastiano Sanguigni, Aligi Sassu, Cynthia Segato, Mariarosaria Stigliano, Orfeo Tamburi, Lino Tardia, Renzo Vespignani.

DESIGN: Gianfranco and Francesco Ciaffi

LOCATION: Ardacom Europa Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Via Macedonia, 12 – Rome
DATE: 19th July – 7th September 2019
– until Saturday 3 August from Monday to Saturday 10.30-13.00 & 15.30-19.30
– from 5 to 31 August only by appointment to be fixed by email by writing to info@edarcom.it or by calling 06 7802620.


Via Macedonia, 12, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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