TOP swimming places in Bratislava

23.07.2019 - 31.12.2019

Can you imagine summer without swimming and sunbathing? We cannot, which is why we prepared the list of the best swimming places in Bratislava. ??⛱

☀️ Wakelake
Do you want to experience a bit more adrenaline, enjoy some fun summer water sports, great parties and good food? Then Wakelake sounds like the place for you! You can enjoy Bratislava’s first Mega Turbo Wake Skate Surf, Flyboard, Standup Paddle Sunset Yoga, Game night, 12 hours DJ sets, volleyball and much more. Wakelake is a good place to be during summer days and nights! So grab your friends and have fun, eat good food at many restaurants and bars that offer tasty meals, daily menus, draft beer and Kofola, summer cocktails. What more could one ask for? Oh, maybe the 300 m2 terrace.
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⛱ Senecké jazerá
If you say summer in Bratislava, many people imagine themselves at Senecké jazerá. Senecké jazerá have a grand size, but still can get crowded. Especially during the weekend. But do not worry, you can find your own little corner for a chilling on a beach towel. Also, you can enjoy some great summer parties and relaxed atmosphere. As it is an official swimming area, you have to pay an entrance fee 3 or 4 euro.

☀️ Draždiak
If you prefer fewer people or don’t want to pay the entrance fee, because you just want to go for a quick dip after work, visit Dráždiak in Petržalka. And even thou Draždiak is not an official swimming area, you can be sure you’ll find buffets, water bikes and paddleboard rental. For this season, it is not prohibited to swim in the water, but as with every unofficial swimming area make sure the water was approved as safe for swimming. But from our personal experience, lakes like Draždiak is great.

⛱ X- Bionic ® Aquatic Sphere
For those who prefer outdoor pools and slides, we would recommend X Bionic ® Aquatic Sphere in Šamorín. Even thou, it is a little bit far from Bratislava, it is definitely worth it. X Bionic is a newly built resort – the world of sports, relax and innovation. You can look forward to a 50m outdoor Olympic swimming pool, recreational swimming pool with different attractions, like geysers, massage nozzles. You can also try the “wild river” and the children can enjoy the outdoor children’s pool and 2 outdoor slides and 1 outdoor family water slide.

☀️ Aquapark Senec
If you want even more outdoor slides and entertainment, you will probably really like the Aquapark Senec. You can find here everything you can think of when it comes to swimming and water entertainment. You and your children can look forward to a whole day of fun for just 24 euro per day. Aquapark Senec even offers a great deal for families – 2 adults and 1-2 children for 66 euro per day.

?‍ Delfin swimming pool
There are several nice outdoor swimming pools in the city. In Ružinov there’s the Delfin swimming pool that people rather enjoy and has good services to go along with the pool.

?‍ Rosnička swimming pool
In Dúbravka you can cool down at the Rosnička, nice pool with 3 water slides and amazing green surroundings. Not only you can enjoy a nice dip in the water, but also the feeling of being in the middle of nature, looking at all the trees around you and enjoying walking around on the grass.

?‍ Kúpalisko Lamač
If Rosnička gets a bit too crowded for your taste, but you would prefer to stay in a close area around Dubravka, try out the Kúpalisko Lamač. It a nice typical swimming pool area with 3 pools, one of them for children. It is opened from 10:00 until 19:00 and the entrance fee for adults is 4 for the whole day or 13 euro for the family ticket. A little tip, if you just want to go for an after-work swim, the entrance fee is only 2 euro after 17:30.

?‍ Matadorka
If you are in Petržalka and Draždiak is not the right fit for you, you can choose Matadorka swimming pool. It offers one big swimming pool, one children pool and one pool with a small water slide. You can enjoy your time laying down on your towel on the nice grass area, have some refreshments at the pool buffet, enjoy summer bar, free WiFi, free parking for visitors, beach volleyball, trampoline for children, beach chairs and have a little relaxing time in the middle Petržalka. The entrance is 5,5 euro for the whole day.

?‍ Tehelné Pole
And if we are talking swimming pools in the city, we have to mention also Tehelné pole, located in Nové Mesto and is one of the most favorite pool areas in the city. It is a pool area with a long tradition and for many locals, it is a place filled with memories made with friends and family. It is a space made for sport and relax and we think you will have a nice good time at Tehelné pole. The entrance fee for the whole day is 4 euro for an adult and 2 euro for a​ ticket after 17:30

Have a great summer! ☀️?‍♀️⛱

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