Top 4+1 Coworking Spaces in Bratislava

12.07.2019 - 31.12.2021

Are you a digital nomad who is relocating to Bratislava? Or maybe a startup that is looking for the perfect place for your team, where you would feel welcomed, motivated and where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people? Find below our list of top coworking places in Bratislava.

? HubHub:
HubHub with it’s 2390 square meters is probably the biggest coworking space in Bratislava. You can find the coworking place in this newly built building in the new and still growing business district in Bratislava. It’s colorful, spacious with unique architecture and design and friendly staff. If you become a member of HubHub you can look forward to fantastic benefits such as 24/7 access, conference rooms, chillout and gaming zone, refreshments& beverages, bike parking, high-speed internet, exclusive events & workshops. More info

? Impact Hub Bratislava:
Impact Hub is a well-known network of coworking spaces around the world. It offers a cozy space in the very center of Bratislava, located at Hviezdoslavovo namestie 10. Impact Hub was opened in 2014 and it’s purpose is to be the force for good in business and society by supporting individuals and their projects that will have a positive impact on the society. Impact Hub is also a venue for great startup and entrepreneurship oriented events, where people can not only broaden their horizons, but also meet new people who are on a similar journey. And do you know what also great about Impact Hub Bratislava. They will be there to help you in your times of need. You need business consulting or social & NGO consulting? Or maybe are in need of interim management or individual business incubation. Impact Hub Bratislava offers you all of these services for a very reasonable fee, starting at 40 €/per hour.
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? Campus Coworking
A community of freelancers, early-stage companies, students, growth stage companies and enterprises. Campus Coworking has two campuses you can choose from. Both of the campuses are modern, spacious and home to interesting companies and individuals.
As all coworking spaces, they are hosting a lot of interesting events. You only need to choose the topic- whether it is tech, entrepreneurship, self-development, marketing and many more Campus Coworking offers. You can even go for a Yoga on the terrace in their Campus Mlyne. How great is that? What makes Campus Coworking unique among many other things, is also their location of the Campus City, with a view over the city and cafes and restaurants on every corner.
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? Satori Stage
If you are looking for a smaller, but cozy place to change your working environment and would like to be close to the city center, we would recommend the Satori Stage. It has a nice atmosphere and a great coffee shop on the ground floor. Satori Stage might be a great fit for you if you are looking for a meeting room or an event space where you could host an event. With the modern design Satori Stage feels homey and comfortable. You can either rent your space in Satori Stage per hour for just 4 hours or per day for 16 euro. So if you are looking for a place to change the environment, check out Satori Stage. Great coffee and tea are included in the price.
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? Little Bonus – Nadvorie Coworking Trnava
We were thinking. What if you are a small company, start-up​ or a freelancer and you don’t live in Bratislava, but maybe in Trnava or smaller cities around Trnava. Maybe you think you have to travel to Bratislava to join a great and vibrant coworking.

But, we’ve got good news for you, too. If you would prefer not to travel to your adopted coworking home every day​ for an hour, we suggest you visit the Nadvorie coworking in Trnava. It’s a newly opened coworking with a great atmosphere, lot’s a natural light, flowers and like-minded people. Nadvorie Coworking is a space with high standard equipment all hidden in a beautiful historic building​ in the very center of Trnava city. What makes Nadvorie so close to our heart is also their Nadvorie Campus project, where 6 talented and extraordinary students will have a chance to get into a scholarship program​ in Trnava. The goal of this fantastic project is to support talented students and offer them a space for self -development, as well as professional development.
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